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The tools alone don’t get the job done. Our customers nation-wide are specialists and leaders in their unique ways. Learn how Washify can impact your business through the users themselves.


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QuickSight: The New Reporting Platform

If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist! That's a tried and true mantra for most businesses. This year we've overhauled our reporting with the implementation of Quicksite, we are excited to showcase this new feature and how it will allow you to leverage and customize reporting to reach new heights!

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Ensurebill: Automatic card updater

Tired of having to manually update customers' declined cards or losing revenue when there is no update? With Ensurebill you will no longer have to worry about manually updating credit card information, they will update your database automatically before a card reaches expiration date. Tune in to this webinar to find more about what Ensurebill can do for your business.
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Car Wash Equipment 101

Car washes can be simple DIY systems all the way to fantastically complicated tunnel washes. If you’re thinking about starting your own car wash business,...

Best Car Wash POS Systems

Every car wash needs a way for customers to pay their bill, but the best car wash POS systems can do far more than just...

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