As an investor, you need a system built for the future. Our reporting empowers you with actionable insights aimed at improving operations and maximizing revenue. Washify allows you to plan, predict and execute for any location.

Your investment’s riding on the efficiencies you can build into the wash. Since Washify was built in the cloud by a car wash owner for car wash owners, you can be assured it’s the easiest car wash management system to deploy and has the lowest initial cost.

We’ve designed it so your team can be in front of customers and not in front of a computer screen. As you’d expect, we use our own software at the car washes owned by our investor staff. So, if you have any high-level or detailed questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.

And our reporting flexibility is designed so you and your staff can make data-driven business decisions. Allowing you to “track actionable metrics rather than eye-candy graphics” is how several owners have described our suite of reporting. For example, Washify’s reporting allows you to staff more efficiently, plan chemical and store inventories better and make informed decisions on what capital versus operational expenditures you’re going to need to make now and in the future.

The car care market has attractive returns now that the car wash industry is expanding after years of underdevelopment. Investing in a car wash has become a lucrative decision due to current economic conditions and a shift in consumer behavior.

More people want to join an unlimited program and outsource the chore of washing their car. Advances in technology have helped to reduce labor costs, improve customer experiences and generate higher returns for savvy investors.

The POS is an integral part of running a successful car wash and is one of the key interactions that car wash owners share with consumers. Washify is constantly innovating to help reduce the time it takes for a return on investment in a car wash. Washify’s cloud based solution is uniquely designed to scale rapidly for multi-site businesses or for investors intending to do roll ups.