Converting a full serve car wash into an express?

Car wash owners across the country are converting or considering a conversion from a full serve to an express model.  There are a variety of factors that are pushing the market in this direction:
  • Increased cost of labor through rising minimum wages
  • Greater risks associated with staff and COVID-19 (public safety, mandatory quarantines, sick days)
  • Consumer preferences shifting towards pay stations, streamlined buying experiences, and contactless payments
You’ll need to prepare a plan for your conversion and make sure you have the correct site layout to make the adjustment. In some cases, car washes have to change their traffic flow to create better throughput. Here are some questions to think about:
  • Where are your vacuums? Before the tunnel, after the tunnel?
  • Will you be offering free vacuums? Vacuums for unlimited members only?
  • What’s your plan for training your staff on the new workflow?
  • How will you communicate this change to your customers? Will your customer base change/grow?

Converting to an express car wash with pay stations can help your business: 

  • Reduce labor costs by removing excess staff members
  • Speed up the unlimited program sign up process with on screen enrollment
  • Increase throughput with integrated license plate recognition
  • Create a comfortable, low contact, buying experience and you can even go fully “windows up” with Washify’s mobile app that integrates with the pay station and LPR

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