X Station

Washify’s X Station is a modern pay station solution for car washes. We provide options for tunnels and in bays, with two models available: the X Station and the X Station Jr. The units have the ability to accept cash or go cashless. Custom wraps are available to match your car wash branding.

Washify Pay Station
  • Smart change – stores money from previous customers and uses it to make change for the next customer ($1s, $5s and $10s)
  • Bank note recycler – Load or cash out the machine without employees ever touching the cash
  • Requires less than half the traditional start up bank.
  • Full HVAC system – Drastically reduces the internal humidity to extend the life of internal components

Utilizing a custom design, the Washify X Station combines hand-picked components that provide a superior experience. The touch screen is the largest in the industry and adjusts to the height of the vehicle, allowing for quick and convenient transactions.

Our pay station accepts credit cards and cash, but can also be configured for credit card only lanes. The bill recycler provides change from previous transactions to minimize the need to restock cassettes.

Cloud technology enables text notifications to indicate when cash supply is high or running low. When a denomination of bills is depleted, staff members have the option to quickly feed bills in through the front and replenish the cash balance without opening the unit. The bill recycler allows for a significantly smaller start up bank and allows the pay station to run autonomously for a longer period of time without employee interactions.

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