Washify X Station Car Wash Pay Station

Washify’s X Station Car Wash Pay Station is a modern pay station solution for any style of car wash. It allows for a comprehensive selection of payment options and is available in two formats: bill and credit card or credit-only. It is also equipped with an enhanced user interface and has built-in marketing capabilities. 

Inside the Car Wash X Station, our software is built on a robust cloud-based system that leverages Amazon web services. Outside, our X Station is built to hold up to a professional car wash’s harsh environment. It repels water, can be custom wrapped to match company branding, and provides years of reliable service for your customers and business.

X Station Car Wash Pay Station Features

The X Station Car Wash Pay Station utilizes a custom design, merging specially chosen components that offer a premium experience for your clients, improving your throughput while spurring your bottom line. Pay station features include:

Washify X Station Car Wash Pay Station Superior Design

Utilizing a custom design, the Washify X Station Car Wash Pay Station combines hand-picked components that provide a superior experience. 

First, the touch screen is the largest in the industry and adjusts to the vehicle’s height, allowing for quick and convenient transactions.

Next, our pay station accepts credit cards and cash but can also be configured for credit card-only lanes. The bill recycler provides change from previous transactions to minimize the need to restock cassettes.

Finally, our pay stations have an enhanced user interface and built-in marketing capabilities that empower customers to upgrade their services right from their cars or associated apps. 

Every unit is shipped with an interactive menu custom programmed to welcome customers to your business and guide them rapidly through an entirely intuitive interface.

Fully Customizable Car Wash Pay Station

The Washify X Station is easy to customize, inside and out. Beyond the custom graphics and videos that you can add to your screen flow, we offer custom wraps and powder coating to match your car wash branding. 

You can work with our design team to create the perfect wrap to match your brand so that your Car Wash X Station will arrive wrapped and ready to go.

X Station Runs on Cloud Technology

X Station’s underlying software system uses AWS (Amazon Web Services), which means it’s secure, reliable, and fast. 

This technology enables you and your managers to receive text notifications to indicate when the cash supply in your X Station Car Wash Pay Station is high or running low. 

Plus, software run on AWS speeds up credit card authorization and is linked to your point-of-sale (POS) car wash software system to increase throughput.

With Amazon, our team can scale up your computing power, letting you process pay station transactions, download information, and create reports faster than ever.

While you use your new pay station to operate your business effectively, our developers continually improve its software management tools. Our team strives to offer the most innovative pay program management software on the market. This means your X Station hardware can remain on the cutting edge of technology for years.

Washify X Station Car Wash Pay Station

Our Pay Stations Encourage Repeat Business

Your customers will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of our self-pay terminals. Encourage your customers to return often or spend more with package offers and promotions displayed on your kiosk’s touchscreen monitor.

If your company is in a peak season, your car wash pay station will automatically mute the promotional offers to allow customers to finish their payment transactions quickly.

Request a Consultation or Demo

If you want to learn more about our car wash pay station, don’t hesitate to give us a call – three of our full-time staff own unlimited car washes so we can talk you through all aspects of implementing the Washify system.