Tagg-N-Go partners with Washify for successful expansion

Tagg-N-Go LogoTagg-N-Go is a growing brand with multiple locations in Utah. Owners Conner Atkin and Quinn Allgood knew that they would need a fast and easy to use system to operate their express sites. They turned to Washify because they knew the business would need a modern platform to support their expansion. Their old system was becoming progressively slower which made it difficult to handle their growing customer base.

With two locations already operating in St. George and more sites on the way, Tagg-N-Go made customer experience, speed, and ease-of-use their top priorities.

“[Our old system] took close to 90 seconds to look up a single account. Not only that but many functions they offered were complex and hard to use.” – Conner Atkin, Tagg-N-Go

Washify’s modern platform allows for faster loading times so car wash operators can maximize throughput and avoid the bottleneck that old systems create. The workflows are all designed to be intuitive and reduce transaction times to keep the line moving even on a busy day. Conner explains how the software speeds up their transactions, “One thing our staff likes is how all the functions are labeled. When using the POS inside or the pay stations the system is easy to navigate. This makes updating information or processing transactions simple for our staff and quick for our customers. They also like how simple it is for most customers to use the pay stations by themselves.”

User-friendly Unlimited Program

Car washes across the country have adopted the unlimited model with great success, and Tagg-N-Go is no exception. Washify allows for a streamlined experience and a quick sign up process for new unlimited members. Quinn explains, “Having the option to buy memberships out at the pay station has helped inform customers that we offered more than just individual washes. Additionally, we saw an increase in membership sales after this feature was introduced.”

Although many operators enjoy the additional revenue from their unlimited program, updating payment details and vehicle information can take a lot of time. Washify’s software is built to take the burden off of the car wash staff and empower customers to update their own information. Members can manage their account details online or with the app, that takes away hours of work and keeps customers’ information up to date.

Consistent Training for Staff

Training new employees takes time and staff turnover only makes things worse, that’s why Washify is designed to be easy to learn. Quinn describes how it has impacted their wash, “The switch to Washify has helped reduce stress and confusion for our staff. The new software is much easier to understand which makes training new employees easier as well.”

Scalability and Reporting

Quinn and Conner knew that they needed a system that could handle high volume and multiple locations without reducing speed. “Washify makes growth and expansion simple and straightforward. When we opened our second location the speed of the server we had at the time slowed down dramatically. Washify maintains its quality no matter how much we expand.” Washify’s cloud based solution is powered by Amazon Web Services, making it a reliable and accessible tool for car wash operators. It gives owners the freedom to be away from the wash or manage multiple sites without driving around to each location. Conner explains how Washify helps their daily reporting, “One of the most valuable features to us as owners is the remote access. Due to our busy schedules we can’t visit each car wash site every day. That is why it is extremely helpful to receive text updates for hourly reports and register balances.”