In-Bay Automatic Car Wash

Whether you’re on site every day or rarely visit, Washify’s X Station is a modern entry system built for unattended environments like In-Bay Automatic car washes.

Car entering In-Bay automatic car wash

Washify provides In-Bay Automatic car wash operators with a cloud-based entry system, remote monitoring, and powerful marketing tools. These features are important building blocks for growing your business without on-site staff.  

In-Bay Automatic Car Wash from Washify

Many In-Bay car wash owners struggle with unlimited member management:

  • How will I verify memberships?
  • How will I sign up new members and collect monthly payments?
Running an unlimited program in an unattended environment can be difficult. That’s why Washify provides operators with an automated solution for enrollment and redemption. Customers sign up at the kiosk and their credit card and plate info is collected without any staff involvement. Some programs require RFID tags to validate membership, but Washify’s license plate recognition allows for verification using the customer’s plate. The card on file is charged every month so you have a reliable source of recurring revenue.
Car inside an In-Bay Automatic car wash
Gas pump at an in-bay automatic car wash

It’s common for gas stations to have an in-bay automatic on their property, and some operators will also partner with a nearby gas station to sell washes at the pump.

Ensuring you’ll be able to integrate
your existing car wash system with your gas pump is one of the most
essential variables to consider. Your POS solution should work seamlessly with the setup you’ll be using to control your car wash
(i.e., your in-bay automatic controller or tunnel controller).

Washify uses the Ryko protocol to sell at the pump. Customers can pay for their wash and then redeem a unique code at the pay station to enter the bay.

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