Car Wash Fleet Account Management

Washify makes it easy to add and modify fleet accounts. This allows you to vary the incentives and the payment options.

Landing fleet accounts is one of the surest ways to keep the bottom line of your car wash healthy. A clean vehicle inside and out shows professionalism, but most companies do not have the time or the equipment to keep their vehicle fleet clean.

With Washify’s car wash fleet account management system, it’s incredibly easy to set up and manage fleet accounts with local businesses. Here’s how Washify’s car wash POS systems can make your car wash more attractive to fleet owners.

Cars in line at Car Wash

Structuring Fleet Accounts

There are many ways to structure a fleet account. Discount amounts, add-ons, billing cycles and methods, and tracking vehicles are all part of the process. Washify’s CRM system lets you tweak these on a per-client basis.

This flexibility lets you and your fleet clients find the best deal for both parties, while also making it easy to adjust accounts swiftly when conditions change.

Structure the fleet accounts with multiple variables; flat discount, percentage discount, add-ons. Billing flexibility- invoice, preloaded cards, credit cards.

Payment Systems

One of the trickiest parts of setting up a fleet account is choosing the payment system. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Washify lets you use any or all of these options as you need them.

Invoicing is one way, but how do you track which vehicles get access to the fleet account deal? Our license plate scanning system solves this problem. Your clients can give you a list of all vehicles and our scanning system will automatically track their plates and apply the right discounts.

Another way is to use a preloaded card or holding company credit card information inside our CRM system to track when a fleet vehicle comes to get washed. Preloaded cards are held by the business and scanned on entry each time a vehicle comes through.

Request a Consultation or Demo

If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule a demo. Three of our full-time staff own car washes and have experience with car wash fleet account management. They can talk with you about how Washify empowers them to give fleet owners what they need in a car wash agreement.