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Declined credit cards are hurting your unlimited program and costing you money. REDUCE THE CHURN AND STOP THE LEAKING BUCKET Washify Card Updater
Washify Card Updater

Washify now offers Card Updater, a valuable and easy to use solution to support your unlimited program. This service checks your credit card database every 3 days to make sure all cards on file are up to date. When a card expires, the issuing bank is automatically contacted in order to capture the new card information. Accounts are updated without any work for you or your customers.

This Automated Solution Allows You To
  • Increase member retention
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Improve customer experience / ease of use
  • Keep accurate records with frequent updates

When running an unlimited program, member retention should not be overlooked. Thanks to Washify’s integrated processing, you can prevent churn and automatically update expired credit cards*

For more information on the automatic update process, you can refer to our FAQ. Every client will have a unique mix of credit cards and therefore experience different results while using the program.

*Not all banks are currently participating in this service

$200 Setup
$65 Month
$1 Per updated card