Car Wash POS for Multiple Sites

Multi-site wash owners need a scalable system that is redundant, future proof and offers reporting across all sites while still allowing customization for individual sites. Washify’s integrated car wash management system makes the reporting across multiple sites fast, easy and flexible so you can make the best data-driven decisions.

Create group reporting that makes sense for your business – See how sites A and B are doing with their new promotion before rolling out to your other sites

Allow customers to book detail appointments through the web with Washify’s mobile app 24/7

Full Service Car Wash and Detailing

Washify is based in the AWS Cloud. This means your wash sites won’t need to depend on site-specific servers and, regardless of how many locations, the responsiveness of the reporting will not be a drag on business performance or visibility.

Don’t let your business be held back by the constraints of your car wash management software’s technology. Call us today and let’s discuss examples of multi-site implementations and the benefits to be gained.

Our cloud-based system and accompanying car cleaning service app mean there is no need to rely on servers from each site or compile reports generated from each location separately. Instead, with Washify, you can monitor sites or groups of sites from any device at any time and access all the full reporting and analytics we’re known for.

With our reporting you can implement loyalty programs across sites and receive reporting on purchase and usage by site or in aggregate. The ecommerce plugins we provide allow your current sites to sell washbooks, gift cards or memberships for redemption across your locations or limited to specific sites.

express car wash tunnel

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