Full Service Car Wash POS – Flex Serve Car Washes

Our full-serve and flex clients love the automation, reporting, and ecommerce capabilities of our multi-faceted software platform. Our system was established as a next-level cloud-based system that allows us to deliver business benefits that no other legacy point-of-sale (POS) provider can rival.
For full-serve and flex car washes offering detailing services, we provide an interactive online scheduling module for your customers. It features a platform that streamlines unlimited loyalty program enrollment and setup and a method to track and motivate your team for increased sales potential and performance commissions.
Full Service Car Wash and Detailing

Reduce Missed Appointments With Our Virtual Scheduling System

Now when they schedule a service, customers will receive automated reminders via email and text. If they need to change their appointment, our system makes it super easy through the web so they don’t need to make a call. This lowers your broken appointment rate and gives your customers the style interaction they’ve come to expect.

Through our platform and mobile app for car washes (branded to your business), your customers will experience:

  • Self-scheduling flexibility 
  • Car wash and detail package customization

When your customers schedule a wash or detailing service, our system sends automated reminders via email and text. This improves customer wash frequency, reduces missed appointments, and gives your customers the online interaction they’ve come to expect.

If your customers need to change their wash package or appointment, our versatile system makes it easy for them to do so online, avoiding the need to call. This self-service interface helps you minimize customer calls that can take your team off task.

To further enhance your customer service, consider using an automatic car wash station. Washify’s X is a fully customizable device to match your branding and your client base.

The pay station has the largest touch screen in the industry that can be adjusted to the vehicle height, making it easy for all your clients to complete their transactions.

Make Running Your Flex Serve Unlimited Program a Breeze

Are you currently running an unlimited program or thinking of starting one? Our unlimited program management software removes many of the administrative steps that can bog down you and your staff.

Our platform was designed to run unlimited loyalty programs with minimal steps while remaining flexible enough to mesh with your business processes. Our unlimited car wash program management software empowers you to:

  • Enroll new users in under a minute
  • Automate billing information updates
  • Easily monitor the platform
  • Increase revenue growth

Our robust software makes it so you can focus on adding and retaining loyal customers and less on managing the program.

Full Service Car Wash Employee
Full Service Car Wash Employee

Motivate Your Team Through Efficient Labor Tracking

Our time and attendance reporting program works directly through the POS platform, helping you motivate your team to provide faster service and upsell extra services. This powerful feature allows you to track labor efficiently by:

  • Service type
  • Team member

Monitor worker times on detailing assignments and award sales and performance commissions to your most proficient team members.
Also, detailed and easy-to-use reports help you understand how to reduce labor costs and boost productivity for your flex-serve style and full-service car wash.

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In today’s competitive market, you need cutting-edge marketing tools to take your car wash business to the next level. Give your customers more with the Washify POS platform. Receive a user-friendly website, a customized smartphone app, texting, and email marketing.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can talk you through all aspects of implementing the Washify system. To request a demo, call or fill out our online form with your contact details.