POS for Express Car Washes

Washify is an ideal POS for express car washes because our system was designed for the express model. We’ve also developed the most flexible and automated unlimited program management in the industry.

Our POS for express car washes features everything you need to run a better business. Many express sites want to start or grow their unlimited program. If you’re currently running an unlimited program or thinking about starting one, our system can take out many of the administrative steps that can bog you down. Washify’s software was designed to run a streamlined unlimited program that makes it easy to sign up new members and redeem memberships.

From adding members in under a minute to automating your billing process, Washify helps you focus on growing your program instead of worrying about administering the program.


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Many express car washes use at least one pay station to supplement an attended booth. A pay station is a great way to automate transactions and reduce your staffing needs. If you’re searching for a modern kiosk for your car wash, look no further than Washify’s X Station Car Wash Pay Station.

Whether you use RFID tags or license plate recognition, you’ll need some way of verifying memberships at your site. Washify’s LPR system streamlines the sign up process and make redemption easy for you and your customer. No tags needed, the camera captures the plate information and associates it to the customer’s account.

We’ve designed our system so it integrates with most controllers. Integrating our POS system to your controller is a straightforward process and can be done in a matter of hours or less. The ability to use your current controller without purchasing a new one can represent significant savings for your business.

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