Car Wash License Plate Recognition

Washify is excited to bring license plate recognition (LPR) technology to our POS and marketing platform. Our seamless integration of LPR unleashes new ways to please car wash customers and help car wash owners run a more efficient and profitable wash.

This video shows side by side, the X station screen the customer sees and the license recognition software that is running in the background.

Quicker unlimited sign ups with zero staff involvement

Washify is known for providing car wash owners with the fastest unlimited enrollment process whether it’s at the kiosk, a POS terminal, a web site or the mobile app. With Washify’s LPR program, new unlimited customers don’t need staff to affix anything to their car or enter additional information. Even better, car wash customers can enroll in the program from their phone and add their plate information so they are recognized as an unlimited member on their next visit.

Gain insights about every customer - not just members

For the car wash owner, they will have a complete understanding of their customer base. By tracking every license plate, they will know how many unique customers they have and the frequency each customer visits the wash. This visiting frequency and purchase information can be displayed on the POS terminal to assist the sales person in presenting the best options for the customer.

For a transaction at the kiosk, this information can be used by Washify X Station to present the most compelling screen flow option. For example, a first-time customer whose plate has never been identified in the system (they’ve never been to your wash) can trigger the X Station kiosk to play an in-depth welcome video highlighting all the services the car wash has to offer. This level of customization creates a compelling experience for the customer.

Car wash owners running loyalty programs can also automatically assign points to each license plate. These points can be utilized once the customer downloads the phone app provided as part of the Washify POS system. This is a great way to entice your customers to participate in your loyalty program and open up a valuable communication channel on their smartphone.

Our system will even present washbook owners with the option to redeem at the kiosk as soon as they pull up to the X Station. This allows the customer to redeem their digital washbook with one touch of the screen by looking up their license plate number.

Running an unlimited program: RFID or LPR?

Although the industry has been predominantly using RFID tags for years, there’s been a significant shift towards license plate recognition.

License plate recognition (LPR) is used by a range of state and federal agencies, including the police and the Department of Transportation. Now that it’s proven to be a reliable way of verifying the identity of a car, the technology is seeing more widespread commercial uses like in car washes. 

Eliminate RFID tags

With recent advances in the software and camera capabilities used to read license plates, car wash owners using LPR can achieve higher read rates than RFID programs. Eliminating RFID sticker costs, which can run as high as $4.00 from some car wash POS providers, can result in significant savings for car washes maintaining and growing large club membership programs.

Fast and accurate license plates reads

Our LPR system captures the plate as the car is driving. It takes a picture of the plate three times per second and then runs the plates through an algorithm to accurately read the letters and numbers. It does this even when presented plates with challenging graphics, letters and special configurations.

Request a Consultation or Demo

If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call – three of our full-time staff own unlimited car washes so we can talk you through all aspects of implementing the Washify system.