Washify Car Wash Mobile App

Your customers want to use their cell phones to interact with your business (schedule detail appointments, manage their unlimited accounts, purchase a car wash etc). On top of that, they don’t want to navigate a website from their phone to get it done. Washify’s mobile car wash app (for iPhone and Android platforms) lets your customers do everything from an easy to use interface where you customize the options.

Washify’s Owner App

Traditionally, a car wash owner can be bogged down by tasks that don’t help to deliver or enhance the customer experience, are painful to complete and are not revenue producing. In addition, car wash owners are too often reacting to situations when a prompt notification would save time and minimize headaches.

Washify’s Owner App is a huge leap to streamlining task completion, providing actionable information. With the Owner App, Washify operators can:

Washify Owner App

Customers want to do everything from the touch of their smartphones, including schedule car wash and detailing appointments. The Washify Car Wash Mobile App makes it easy for users to manage appointments, purchase a wash, and make payments.

Washify Consumer Mobile Smartphone App

It’s no secret that cell phones are for much more than calling. We play games, watch videos, and pay our bills through various smartphone apps.

Now more than ever, people are shopping on their phones. Insider reports that m-commerce (shopping via mobile apps) will reach $488 billion, or 44% of all e-commerce sales, by 2024.

For car wash owners, that means one thing: invest in a mobile car wash app. With Washify’s software for iPhone and Android platforms, customers can do everything through a mobile app.

Car Wash Mobile App

Washify’s car wash mobile application offerings are completely integrated with Washify’s car wash POS. This means customers interactions through the apps are reflected in real time on all reporting from the POS as well as from web-based reporting tools.

We offer several levels of customization for our mobile apps. Our basic version, which is included at no charge with our POS system, allows you to customize the colors and buttons that appear as well as their order on the screen. For instance, if you don’t offer detailing, we can remove that option entirely.

The custom app option has all the same functionality but, in addition, it has its own icon in the app stores, and allows for the customization of graphics. We have several ways to implement a consumer app so your customers will spend more with your wash and have a hassle free way of doing it.

100% Customizable Car Wash Mobile App

As veterans of the car care industry, we recognize that no two wash businesses are the same. And the Washify mobile app reflects that. Our mobile car wash app features customization options so that wash owners can build a mobile experience that caters to their clientele.

When setting up your Washify mobile wash app, you can personalize the:

  • Business name
  • App colors
  • Button configuration
  • Services offered
  • Mobile store icon and graphics (available in the premium custom app version)

A member of the Washify team can assist you in customizing the platform’s interface to reflect your services and branding. The more identifiable you can make your branding, the more likely it is that your consumers will begin to associate your stable of services with the thought of your quality services.

Integrated Marketing Tools in the Washify App

Customers prefer making in-app purchases, and that’s good news for your business. Entrepreneur reports that in 2019, 62% of smartphone users made purchases through mobile apps, and that number has been on the rise since.

As a business owner, you know it is critical to give customers what they want. And when it comes to making mobile purchases, the Washify Car Wash Smartphone App can help.

The Washify phone app allows you to connect with consumers online. But the software also includes integrated marketing tools designed to kickstart your advertising and sales efforts. So, if you’re ready to grow your business and blow away competitors, our mobile app can help.

Real-Time Reporting Software

All in-app interactions are recorded and reflected in the Washify POS system’s real-time reporting metrics. Everything customers do in the app, from scheduling appointments to making payments, is stored in the system’s cloud reporting database for future use.

This data lets you know what car wash services your consumers like best and which ones may benefit from additional advertising. You can work with analysts to pin down consumers’ interests. You can then create marketing campaigns that highlight your car wash’s best features.

Sales and Appointment Tracking

The Washify Car Wash Mobile App provides real-time insights at your fingertips. Our reporting tools make it easy to manage sales and track appointments.

Wash owners use these metrics to determine where loyal customers are coming from and see who is scheduling appointments and who isn’t.

Email Marketing Assistance

According to HubSpot, 59% of marketers report email campaigns as their most significant ROI source. And segmented campaigns (emails sent to niche audiences) can lead to a 760% increase in revenue.

What does that mean for your business? Without email marketing, you are missing out on major sales opportunities.

The Washify mobile car wash app collects current customer email addresses and stores them in the cloud. This allows your marketing team to develop integrative and personalized email campaigns that drive appointment sales and foot traffic to your wash.

Mobile Payments

Customers prefer businesses that make things simple. Our management software keeps customer billing details up-to-date so that users can make payments within the app. When your customers can pay for their preferred services from their phones, you can retain their business and prevent the transaction delays that might otherwise hurt your bottom line.

Mobile payments offered through a protected car wash app also help your customers feel more confident in the safety of their transactions. The encryption services offered by Washify’s platform protect your consumers’ data. That commitment to their safety will send more drivers to your lot – and move revenue towards your ambitions for the future.

Push Notifications and Direct Messages

Customers have the option to set up push notifications and direct messaging through our mobile wash app. You can use notifications and direct messaging to alert customers about:

  • Upcoming service appointments
  • New deals and promotions
  • Changes in business hours (due to inclement weather, holidays, etc.)

Push notifications make it easy to increase customer engagement. Digital Information World reports that 40% of app users react to push notifications within one hour. In addition, 52% of people use notifications to take advantage of a great offer.

Allows the customer to:

Allows the car wash owner to:

User-Friendly Experience

Customers spend more when services and offers are presented in a user-friendly manner. We understand how car wash clients think. Our car wash app is designed with the customer in mind to encourage car cleaning appointments and wash services.

The Washify Car Wash Application allows your customers to:

  • Manage payment details
  • Join club membership and rewards programs
  • View and redeem loyalty points
  • Book service appointments 24/7
  • Purchase and send gift cards to friends and family members
  • Add additional vehicles to an account

Simple, hassle-free, and user-friendly; that’s how your customers will describe their experience with the Washify Consumer Smartphone app. Our mobile wash app is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to accommodate all smartphone users.

Car Wash Mobile Apps Benefit Your Bottom Line

When you can access all your car wash’s essential information from the palm of your hand, you’re doing more than saving time. You’re saving money. Mobile access to a cloud-based POS system ensures that you won’t spend an entire day running in circles to put out fires at your various lots.

Instead, your lot management tools, including staff management and kiosk assessments, help you keep each of your lots running on all cylinders. At the same time, the data you gather from your car wash pay stations and sales tickets can help you build more effective marketing campaigns.

You can even schedule car wash maintenance far in advance, preventing unexpected shutdowns that might otherwise lose you money. Owner apps let you stay on top of the car wash game, protecting your day-to-day operations as well as your stream of revenue.

Keeping Up With the Car Wash Competition

The technology that serves car washes, gas stations, and roadway services is rapidly growing more complex. The sooner you’re able to make the most out of your car wash’s IoT, the more effective your front’s growth is going to be.

More importantly, offering a service like a car wash app lets you stay a step ahead of your competition. Drivers who can log into their membership accounts and pay for a wash from their phones are more likely to drive through your lot before someone else’s.

Schedule a Free Car Wash App Demo

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Our consumer car wash mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store