SMS Text Marketing Tool

We help car washes build their marketing database the right way: Using Double Opt-In to enroll customers and making it clear how they will be contacted.

Integrated directly into the CWA and Washify applications, our SMS platform utilizes a high-throughput, toll-free number that enables you to send marketing and informational texts such as receipts, purchase confirmations, app download links, app verification codes and more. This service adheres to TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) guidelines and legal practices. Our text service has been approved by all mobile carriers, ensuring texts will be sent successfully. Washify’s SMS/MMS Tool allows you to:
  • Send SMS & MMS marketing texts
  • Send instantly or schedule in advance
  • Send mass, targeted and automatic messages
  • Text washbooks and promo codes
  • Enroll customers with a branded opt-in page that includes T&Cs, Privacy Policy and contact information
  • Access to message and billing counter report in CWA

Easy Customer Enrollment

Customers can sign up in seconds with our automated enrollment process:

1. Customers enter their cell phone number on your custom-branded web page

2. The customer reads the terms and agrees to receive messages

3. They receive a text to confirm that they are subscribing to SMS marketing messages on their phone 

The customer can receive a special offer for enrolling in your marketing program, and redeem using a barcode that’s sent to their phone. This “double opt-in” process gives you peace of mind as a business owner and helps your customers understand what type of marketing they
are going to receive.

Request a Consultation or Demo

If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call – we can talk you through every aspect of implementing the Washify system.