Car Wash and Gas Pump Integration

Bring them back even when their tank is full.

Washify’s car wash point-of-sale solves some of the biggest headaches gas stations with car wash locations face.

We provide a seamless gas pump integration and complete, unified reporting for multi-site operators. With Washify, you can sell washes from the pump that can be used at any of your locations. You can even sell washes from pumps that aren’t at the same location as the car wash. Effectively, all your pumps can sell washes for any of your locations and you’ll have complete reporting.

Car Wash Systems Integrated in Gas Stations

In addition, we give you the ability to have ecommerce integrated into your current website, a fully-branded customizable site we provide for you or our mobile app (that can be fully branded as well).

This allows you to market to all your clients and drive revenue from the web and mobile apps. If you looking to run unlimited wash program (or any other loyalty program) that’s standard and it can be valid for use across any number of your wash locations you choose.

We utilize the Ryko Protocol to generate codes from the pump. These codes can be set to expire, can be redeemed by scanning the bar code or by manually typing the corresponding code into the POS. The implementation of the gas pump integration requires a small computer to link Washify with your gas station point-of-sale.

Let them pay their way; our system allows you to accept all payment types; Apple Pay, Google Pay, Contactless and chip.

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If you want to learn more about car wash integrated in gas stations, don’t hesitate to give us a call –  we can talk you through all aspects of integrating Washify with your gas station.