Car Wash and Gas Pump Integration

Bring them back even when their tank is full. Washify’s car wash point-of-sale solves some of the biggest headaches gas stations with car wash locations face. Using our services to integrate a car wash system directly at the gas pump is the ideal and efficient solution for your business.

In addition to selling lottery tickets, soda, and beef jerky, nearly 85% of American convenience stores also sell fuel. Many convenience-store gas stations owners also integrate a car wash into their business model to spur revenue and in-store sales.

Additionally, more consumers than ever are paying at the pump. This means point-of-sale (POS) technology at the pump needs to incorporate marketing and car wash incentives to bring customers back, even when their tank is full. Washify’s car wash POS system solves some of the biggest headaches faced by gas station/car wash owners.

What Are the Advantages of a Car Wash and Gas Pump Integration?

Historically, a car wash program is an excellent addition to any convenience store operation. It’s typically the highest margin sale at any location. Therefore, many gas station owners incorporate car washes at their sites for the following reasons:

  • Set up an additional income stream: One of the most notable benefits of integrating a car wash with your gas station is the extra income stream. Rather than relying on your gas pumps and convenience store alone to bring in money, you can bolster your bottom line with car wash revenue.
  • It doesn’t require much extra time: With a self-serve POS system for car wash or an express exterior car wash, you can remain focused on your station. POS systems have associated software and self-serve pay stations that help your car wash essentially run itself. By properly maintaining your wash, you won’t need to spend extra funds on repairs or maintenance.
  • Attract new customers: Car wash POS software systems with self-pay kiosks can run convenience store promotions in their video flows, encouraging car wash patrons to come into your store.
  • Increase your c-store foot traffic: Incorporating unlimited car wash membership program, loyalty programs, and discounts are excellent ways to drive traffic into your store and through your car wash. In fact, a great way to pull customers is to ensure that you have the best performing wash in your market.
express car wash tunnel

How Can I Streamline My Car Wash and Gas Station Integration?

Ensuring you’ll be able to integrate your existing car wash system with your gas pump is one of the most essential variables to consider. Your POS solution should work flawlessly with the setup you’ll be using to control your car wash (i.e., your in-bay automatic controller or tunnel controller).

If your gas station is linked to a car wash, your POS system should mesh with your fuel tracking management software. Otherwise, customers may not be able to purchase a car wash at the gas pump. 

Washify’s POS systems offer seamless integration with your current fuel management system, plus car wash hardware, including license plate recognition (LPR) for car washes, gates, and most car wash controllers.

To effectively integrate your car wash and gas station systems, you’ll only need a small computer to link our software with your gas station’s POS solution. Our software and hardware systems allow you to accept all payment types, including: 

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Contactless payments
  • EMV chipped credit cards and debit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Gift cards

A POS System Can Minimize Car Wash Labor Needs

POS self-serve payment kiosks allow your customers to complete their own car wash transactions. Car wash automation expedites the process, reducing labor overhead and allowing you to remain focused on your gas station business. A car wash kiosk can take your business to the next level. With the right POS system from Washify, you can keep employee overhead low, meaning you may only need one employee per shift dedicated to car wash customers.

Track Your Team’s Attendance and Productivity from Anywhere

Cloud-based POS software can also help make monitoring your gas station employees’ productivity and attendance a breeze:
  • Supervise worker clock-in times from your POS terminal or remotely via a customized car wash app
  • Track your team by name and service type, allowing you to identify and reward your most efficient employees
  • Issue comprehensive and easy-to-use reports to help you quickly identify ways to boost output and cut labor expenditures for your car wash gas station. 

How Are Car Washes Sold from the Gas Pump?

With our state-of-the-art POS system, you can sell car washes from your gas pump’s POS display that can be used at any of your locations.  Our platform provides gas pump and car wash integration and complete, unified reporting multi-site owner/operators. You can even sell washes from pumps located in a separate location than your car wash. 

Ryko’s Code-a-Wash Protocol

We utilize Ryko’s Code-a-Wash protocol to communicate with your POS system to generate codes from your pump.  When customers purchase a wash, they’re issued a unique number printed on the receipt at the pump or your POS terminal inside your store. Customers can redeem their wash by scanning a barcode or manually typing the code into the kiosk touch screen display. This wash number can be configured to expire anytime you want and can be used at any of your locations. Because Washify’s system runs secure cloud-based web services by Amazon, you can effectively sell car wash products for any of your convenience store locations. Plus, you’ll have access to centralized reporting that covers your entire enterprise!

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