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Washify X

Built on the cloud and leveraging powerful software, Washify X represents the future of car wash marketing and automation. Check out this short video for a first look at the Washify X product line.

  • Hear from Josh Shaw, operator of Ultimate Express Car Wash in Utah. Ultimate uses the Washify X Station and PlateID License Plate Recognition (LPR) to run their unlimited program.

  • Chase Drake from Eco Car Wash in Pensacola, FL discusses how Washify integrates into his business. Chase discusses his unlimited program, the Washify owner app, and his approach to car wash marketing.

  • Adam Rix, owner of Cruizers Express Car Wash uses Washify to maximize speed and improve the customer experience. He increases throughput with a C-Start lane for his unlimited members that uses RFID technology to make operations efficient and easy.

  • Robert Brennan purchased his express car wash in January 2016.  Utilizing Washify’s marketing and unlimited membership management system he has exceeded his ambitious growth plans and doubled his business.  Robert also discusses our support during the installation process as well as the integration with his controller.

  • Steve, the owner of Magic Car Wash, owns two locations in Wisconsin.  Previously, he used several other car wash POS systems.  As he explains in the video, he finds the Washify marketing and integration features unmatched.  “The Washify unlimited program is the best I’ve seen…and the system basically manages itself.” – Steve.

  • Brian is the owner of Royal T Car Wash in New Hampshire. He’s been in the car wash industry for 34 years. Brian discusses the advantages of the Washify marketing and cash management features. He discusses why he sees the email and text marketing as game changing features for marketing the wash.

  • Precision Car Wash is located in Massachusett and offers a tunnel, detail services, an unlimited membership program and a VIP membership program.  The location does not utilize gates and takes a personable approach to every customer. Brian, the manager, discusses the benefits of the Washify system.