Car Wash POS (Point-of-Sale) System

Washify’s car wash POS terminal system offers a modern, cloud based, point-of-sale solution for car washes. The unit is built for a car wash environment, with hundreds installed at car washes around the United States.

Car Wash POS System

The Washify car wash POS terminal system is the foundation of our hardware offerings, enabling quick transactions and an easy user experience. Training staff on the terminal is simple, with many users learning the software in a couple hours.

Technology should make running the wash easier, so we built our workflows to maximize throughput and keep the line moving. All of our POS terminals are equipped with EMV and contactless payment support so you can accept various transaction types.

The touch screen is designed for durability and reliability in a car wash environment. There is also a thermal printer built into the terminal so you never run out of ink in the middle of a busy day. For states that require a customer facing display, there is the option to attach a pole display to the terminal.

Request a Consultation or Demo

If you want to learn more about our car wash POS system, don’t hesitate to give us a call – three of our full-time staff own unlimited car washes so we can talk you through all aspects of implementing the Washify system.