Washify’s hardware is proven to be reliable and holds up well in car wash environments. Whether you need equipment for indoor and outdoor use, we have options that are sturdy and designed to handle constant use.

Washify Pay Station
  • Smart change – stores money from previous customers and uses it to make change for the next customer($1s, $5s and $10s)
  • Security cassettes – Load or cash out the machine without employees ever touching the cash
  • Requires less than half the traditional start up bank.
  • Full HVAC system – Drastically reduces the internal humidity to extend the life of internal components
Washify's POS
  • Seamless integration with gates, RFID readers and most controllers
  • EMV compatible card readers so you can conduct chip and contactless transactions as well as Google Wallet and Apple Pay
  • Wireless POS and scanning options for ensuring you have the highest throughput

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