POS (Point-of-Sale) Terminal

Our car wash POS terminal system offers a modern, cloud-based, point-of-sale solution for your growing enterprise. Technology makes running your car wash easier, so we’ve built our workflows to help you maximize throughput and keep your line moving.

Today’s POS (point-of-sale) terminals are much more streamlined and sophisticated than historical cash registers. A POS terminal is an electronic device that enables merchants way more features than simple payment processing when coupled with customizable software.

What Does a Car Wash POS Terminal Do?

At its heart, your car wash POS terminal is its payment processing hardware embedded with software that ideally accepts the following card types:

EMV Chip

Because of their enhanced ability to protect against fraud, credit and debit cards embedded with an EMV chip have increased in popularity nationwide.

Magnetic Stripe

Though the chip card is replacing magnetic stripe (or magstripe) cards, they’re still used on gift and loyalty cards.

Online Payments

To equip your car wash for the future and allow your customers to purchase services online, it’s vital to choose a car wash POS terminal system that accepts online payments. Additionally, you should opt for a system that gives you a payment gateway and access to a personalized merchant account.

Contactless Payment

A car wash pay station should answer clients’ needs to maximize efficiency. Today, consumers are more frequently leaving their credit cards at home and using contactless payment technology known as near field communication (NFC). NFC payments, also known as “tap” cards, are typically done through Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Turns Your Mobile Device Into a POS Terminal

Also, some car wash POS systems sometimes include software that can transform your tablet, phone, or computer into a register. This is particularly helpful when you’re away from your terminal and out walking your property.

Other Car Wash POS (Point-of-Sale) Terminal Features

Our car wash POS terminal system is the foundation of our hardware offerings, enabling quick transactions and an easy user experience. 

In addition, the unit’s touch screen is designed for durability and reliability in a car wash environment. Plus, for states requiring a customer-facing display, there’s an optional pole display attachment.

Our terminals streamline and accelerate the complete transaction process from beginning to end. That includes capabilities other than efficient credit card processing.

For example, car wash POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals can give your customers the choice of receiving a printed receipt, a digital receipt (via email or text), or no receipt. There’s also a thermal printer built into the terminal, so you never run out of ink in the middle of a busy day.

Your unit can also provide discounts, issue refunds, calculate taxes, create invoices, and set up recurring payments. And training your staff on the POS terminal is simple, with many users learning the software in a couple of hours.

A black point-of-sale machine like this one runs on cloud-based software and can accept multiple forms of payment, including EMV-chipped cards, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay.

Your Terminal Is a Vital Part of a Car Wash POS System

Even though your POS terminal for car washes technically refers to the physical equipment that processes payments, it also anchors a broader system that includes software that helps you better direct your day-to-day operations.

What those software options are will depend on the POS terminal for car wash you decide to implement; however, it may include an owner’s dashboard that empowers you to:

  • Monitor hourly car counts.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Gather marketing data and insights on customer behaviors.
  • Customize reports, including employee, revenue, and inventory accounts.
  • Check seven-day sales breakdowns (i.e., by unlimited, non-unlimited, or virtual wash purchases).
  • Confirm sales revenue in real time on your terminal or any mobile device.
  • Track employee labor hours in real time.
  • Report features tip reports, daily time reports, revenue reports, day-to-day reports.

Choosing the Right Terminal for Your Business

As a car wash owner, you’re consistently looking to provide exceptional value to your customers. That’s why you should choose a POS terminal far ahead of its time in terms of technology, marketing capabilities, and cloud-based software integration.

Our comprehensive car wash POS terminals and software systems offer:

  • Seamless integration with gates, license plate recognition (LPR) cameras, and most car wash controllers.
  • Handheld POS mobile devices that deliver on-the-go processing and scanning options to ensure you maintain the highest throughput.
  • A customized, fully-branded app that renders your smart device a POS hub for all of your business management needs.
  • A robust platform that leverages Amazon web services.
  • An automatic credit card updater that monitors your database every three days, ensuring the cards on file are up to date.

Plus, when you partner with us, we’ll be with you every step of the way: from setting up your terminal, to downloading your software, to walking you through implementation and training.

Experience Washify’s Next-Level POS Terminal System

Washify is widely considered the leader in POS technology in the car wash industry. Plus, we make it affordable. Purchase a competitively priced bundle that includes our POS terminal system, payment kiosk, and an LPR camera and immediately enjoy:

We’ve installed hundreds of POS terminals at car washes around the United States. To learn why we’re the number one system for automating and scaling businesses, call us or send your contact details through our online form.