Unlimited Car Wash Membership Program

Washify is known for offering car wash owners the most automated unlimited membership system for car washes that’s easy to grow and monitor across 1 or 100 sites. We’ve equipped hundreds of car wash owners to take their stores to the next level in terms of revenue growth and predictability of income.

Features that matter to your success and the customer experience

Our advanced features (multiple enrollment points, zero staff involvement, automated referral rewards program, license plate recognition) allow owners and managers to get out of the weeds of paper enrollment for new members, unnecessary billing interactions for existing members and focus on the higher level business operations and making sure the customer experience at their car wash is delivering on its value proposition.

Washify leverages Amazon Web Services and only runs a thin layer of software on Windows based terminals. Our software architecture establishes your unlimited program on a platform of innovation for the foreseeable future and one that we are continuously enhancing.

With Washify, you can run your unlimited membership program for car washes based on many unique identifiers. The popular options include license plate recognition and RFID vehicle tagging.

With either the LPR or RFID programs, car wash customers can sign up through the branded website or phone app we provide, as well as enroll at the POS or at the pay station. At each enrollment point we make it fast and easy.

From the website or the app, the enrollment process is just as easy as filling in some customer info and, if your program is leveraging the customer license plate, they can simply take a picture of their car.

Allowing customers to manage their accounts

The Washify platform enables car wash unlimited members to add vehicles to their account under one card, update their payment information online, through the app or at the pay station as well as receive rewards for referring others to the program utilizing Washify’s referral rewards system.

Washify also made the billing for an unlimited program a closed loop. If a credit card is declined for whatever reason, our system will automatically text/email the customer to request they update their billing information with a link to their account. If they don’t update their billing and come to the wash, Washify’s system will know automatically to request updated billing information. The system will either display the prompt on the pay station screen or notify the attendant to make the request with a message on the POS terminal.

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