Car Wash POS (Point-of-Sale) Software

Washify’s system was built as a cloud-based application enabling it to deliver benefits to your business none of the legacy POS providers can match.

Washify’s car wash software system was built as a cloud-based application, enabling it to deliver benefits to your business that no legacy point-of-sale (POS) providers can match.

Our full-featured car wash software can help you manage and grow your business. Created exclusively for the car wash industry with feedback from knowledgeable real-world operators, our flexible system gives you powerful features at your fingertips.

Our software lets you experience employee scheduling, cash flow management, unlimited car wash programs, and more. Whether you have one car wash or 20, our POS system can help you manage operations and boost your bottom line.

Car Wash Point of Sale Software Advantages

The more vehicles you can get through your car wash, the more income you’ll bring in. In addition, a dependable POS software system can create a faithful customer base and expedite payment processing. Other software advantages include the ability to:

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Why Choose Washify’s Car Wash POS Management System?

When considering a car wash POS system for your business, make sure it runs on cloud-based software. Our system runs on Amazon Cloud Services, so it’s fast, reliable, and secure. With Amazon, we can scale up our computing power so that you can process transactions, create reports, or download information fast.

You should also watch out for features that leverage cloud technology to help your business increase sales.

Our POS Software Can Help You Retain Customers and Sell More

Historically, POS software was limited to running stand-alone terminals that completed orders and took payments. Our POS solution is equipped with customer relationship management (CRM) technology and can do much more.

Our integrated CRM software helps you build and improve customer relationships. It offers a centralized location for:

POS software with CRM gives you actionable insight into your customer data to boost your bottom line and improve client satisfaction.

An Affordable Car Wash POS (Point-of-Sale) Software That Won’t Hurt Your Bottom Line

Because POS software systems don’t depend on specific hardware, you can often set it up on your existing equipment. Our system was created to seamlessly integrate with your current kiosks, terminals, and pumps.

Legacy POS software companies require you to purchase software upfront and pay hefty licensing fees, often as capital expenditures. However, cloud-based POS software is typically subscription-based and is treated as an operating expense like a phone or internet bill.

You can avoid burdening your business with a large purchase upfront by spreading out your POS costs over time.

Enjoy Access to Your Data From Anywhere

Because our car wash POS software is cloud-based, you’ll have the flexibility to monitor vital real-time data from any connected device. Convenient, 24-hour data access lets you maintain oversight of your company even when you’re working from home or out of town.

Log onto your owner dashboard, monitor activity, and make course corrections from anywhere at any time.

Whether you run an express, full-serve, or flex-serve wash, a well-designed POS system can help you improve both the lifetime value of each customer and your firm’s profitability.

Washify’s system runs on Amazon’s cloud so it’s fast, reliable and secure. With Amazon, we can scale up our computing power so you can process transactions, create reports or download information fast.

Request a Consultation or Demo

If you want to learn more about POS software for car washes, don’t hesitate to give us a call – three of our full-time staff own unlimited car washes so we can talk you through all aspects of implementing the Washify system.