What Features Does Your Car Wash POS System Need?

The POS, or point-of-sale system, is one of the most important aspects of your car wash business. When deciding which one fits your needs, you should make sure that it is designed for ease of use, integrates well with your existing infrastructure, and offers a host of other benefits.

At Washify, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible POS system hardware and software. Get a demonstration of our car wash POS system essentials today to see just how much it can elevate your business. 


Straightforward System Integration Tools

Change is often seen as the enemy of consistent operations. Yet upgrading your car wash’s POS system is one of the best ways to optimize your business. When you upgrade your car wash POS system, you must do so in such a way that your system remains accessible. 

More specifically, your system needs to provide:

  • Website services
  • Reporting options for sales, labor, inventory, and other key operating statistics
  • Gates and RFID readers

The system must also integrate with legacy systems without sacrificing data or overall functionality. At the same time, you can trust an upgraded car wash POS system to update your existing interface, making it easier to manage.


An Accessible Interface

A POS system is often the face of your business to customers. The pay station is the first item they interact with, so you want to make sure it is designed with them in mind. Check for:

  • Touchscreen technology to enable speedy service
  • Intuitive screens with wash options clearly displayed for quick selection
  • Variety of payment options
  • Compatibility with EMV chips for Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and chip cards

The goal of any POS system is not only to provide a way for you to sell your services but also to enable quick, seamless usage so you can keep your queue moving and serve even more customers. 


Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customer relationship management, or CRM, allows you and your team to more effectively understand how consumers prefer to interact with your business. Today’s car wash CRM technology includes:

  • E-commerce solutions (such as online wash purchases or gift cards)
  • Client-facing mobile apps for on-the-go control
  • Management of loyalty or official membership accounts

These services have two benefits. To begin, they make your car wash more appealing to consumers. Loyalty programs, for example, encourage repeat uses of your services. Gift card purchases allow your enthusiastic customers to draw more cars to your lot.

Additionally, these tools enable you to collect information about your clients. The more you’re able to learn about your consumers, the more you can cater to their needs and grow your business.


Environmental Protection Features

Any POS system designed for a car wash should include features that protect it from the wet environment. The hardware should be able to withstand the climate in your area, including water, heat, snow, salt, and other elements. 

That’s why your car wash POS system needs an internal HVAC system. Our payment kiosks can eliminate the humidity that might otherwise prematurely damage your systems.

Moreover, Washify’s system uses an internal thermal printer so you won’t run out of ink in the middle of a rush.


What to Expect From a Car Wash POS System Upgrade

When you integrate an upgraded car wash POS system into your existing network, you can improve more than the way customers receive your services. The other benefits of assuring a system’s use of complete systems include:

Improved Data Assessment

The aforementioned CRM tools make it easier for you to understand why your consumers prefer your car wash. With this information, you will better know how to attract new customers and bring past visitors back.

There’s more to an upgraded car wash POS system than client relationships, though. You can also use your new tools to manage the overarching operation of your business. You can better monitor your inventory and the status of your tools. This way, you can more effectively manage your bottom line.

Speedier Customer Interactions

Your car wash POS system is the second face of your business behind your marketing. If you want to encourage repeat customers, the system needs to be straightforward to understand and use. 

When you upgrade your car wash POS terminals, you make it easier for consumers to benefit from the services that they prefer. You can even use this system to advertise services that you feel may be underutilized. 

Either way, customers won’t have to scramble for coins or wait for your credit card reader to process their cards. Instead, they can enjoy speedy service that’ll encourage them to come back to your lot again.


Get a Demo of Washify’s Upgraded Car Wash POS System

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