TunnelWatch System

TunnelWatch® is more than a conveyor controller. It’s a new breed of car wash tunnel control software that keeps you in touch with your tunnel from virtually anywhere. Now more than ever, TunnelWatch gives you unprecedented control over your tunnel equipment, helping you lower costs, enhance wash quality and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

What can you do with the app? From a car wash owner

An inside look from a car wash owner’s perspective on how you can use the Washify APP to boost sales from anywhere at any time. This webinar will allow you to use the plethora of tools you have available, so you don’t miss out on anything Washify has to offer. We are very excited to have Patrick Mosesso, NECA President and a very successful Washify operator be the one to share his insights with you. You don’t want to miss out!

No Pileups – Part 2

Dive into NoPileups and learn how DRB’s game-changing technology can give you new insight into wash operations and reduce incidents.

No Pileups – Part 1

Join Alex Mereness, NoPileups Operations Manager to explore how NoPileups can be used as a force multiplier to maximize productivity and use data to find new areas of operational improvement.

What You Need To Know About EMV

Washify is offering a full suite of EMV products integrated into our platform all with QuickChip Technology for fast, easy and secure transactions. We want to make sure you are aware of why we are making this change and why you should too!

Predicting equipment failures

Washify will showcase amazing innovative technology to predict motor, pump and bearing failures by using tiny sensors that are IP65 (ideal for wet environments) that measure heat and vibrations and use the most advanced machine learning technology. Fix motors before they fail, replace failing bearings. You need to watch this if you want to minimize downtime.

Customer Testimonials

We had two special surprise guests that answered a couple of questions on their experience with Washify