Washify Unveils Breakthrough POS Technologies to Drive Car Wash Revenue

Nashville, May 1, 2019 – Washify is unveiling a new line of products and enhancements under the Washify X brand. This new product line encompasses hardware and software innovations designed to help car wash owners drive more revenue and enhance their customers’ experience.

Some of the new Washify X products being introduced are:

• X Target Recognition Marketing– A groundbreaking marketing enhancement that enables car wash owners to customize the kiosk screen presentation based on facial recognition, license plate recognition and transaction history associated with that vehicle and driver. Based on this and machine learning, car wash owners can show their customers screens that will resonate with them and convert and upsell them at higher rates than a one-size-fits-all screen flow.

• Car Wash Owner App – The brand new owner app enables the owner to monitor their wash, communicate remotely with customers at their kiosks, submit trouble tickets (with video, text, pictures), set alerts based on preset factors (drawer is short by $5 or car has been on loop for over 3 minutes) and change profiles on their kiosks. This all-encompassing tool also enables staff management so you can communicate and allocate team member time efficiently.

• X Station Kiosk– Washify’s newest kiosk line for tunnels and in-bays incorporates the latest technology at price points that will turn owners’ heads. It is equipped to leverage facial recognition, license plate recognition and seamless integration with the Washify consumer app. And because it runs Washify’s cloud software, it’s always running on the latest version.

• PlateID Recognition – The PlateID program doesn’t just read license plates with speed and accuracy, it also sets the sales person up to effectively upsell by displaying previous transaction history on the POS in real time. Other benefits of PlateID include triggering the display of unused wash books on the kiosk screen automatically and allowing for car wash sites to operate without gates by taking the hassle out of stacking.

“Last year we regrouped after the ICA and created a road map of what we want to provide car wash owners at the ICA in 2019. It took a lot of work but based on the early feedback, we’ve exceeded even our high expectations,” said Adam Korngold, Founder and CEO of Washify. “When you redesign your core products from the ground up to offer a dramatically better platform, it can be a tricky endeavor but, with Washify X, my team has built a system that is unmatched in terms of giving car wash owners flexibility and enabling great customer experiences.”

Washify will be displaying its solutions at the Car Wash Show May 13-15th in Nashville at booth 651.