Washify Testimonials – Videos

Riptide Car Wash - Lititz, PA

Ryan Belanger and his partners were looking for a point-of-sale partner that could provide them with reliable license plate recognition for their new car wash site. Riptide has a three lane setup with two X Stations and LPR. 

Ultimate Express - North Ogden, UT

Hear from Josh Shaw, operator of Ultimate Express Car Wash in Utah. Ultimate uses the Washify X Station and PlateID License Plate Recognition (LPR) to run their unlimited program.

Eco Car Wash – Pensacola, FL

Chase Drake, owner of Eco Car Wash, discusses how Washify integrates into his business. Chase discusses his unlimited program, the Washify owner app, and his approach to car wash marketing.

Cruizers Express – Anaheim, CA

Adam Rix, owner of Cruizers, uses Washify to maximize speed and improve the customer experience. He increases throughput with a C-Start lane for his unlimited members that uses RFID technology to make operations efficient and easy.