Washify Presents Swiftpay – a Revolutionary Product for the IBA Car Wash Market

Boston, Massachusetts – August 25, 2020 – Washify, a company with a history of innovation, presents its latest contribution to the car wash industry — a feature-rich and cost effective product for the in-bay market – SwiftPay.

SwiftPay will allow in-bay automatic car wash owners to have a EMV compliant unattended payment solution that will provide visitors with a seamless customer experience. With support for contactless payments, Swiftpay is a modern and clean solution that helps to reduce physical contact and increase the speed of customer interaction. All of these features will help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Following Washify’s growth and success in the tunnel market, we wanted to develop a dedicated solution for in-bay operators,” said Adam Korngold, CEO of Washify Services. “Our experience in software and hardware informed our research and development as we took our key features and reimagined them for the in-bay market.”

Developed in partnership with AMP (Advanced Mobile Payment Inc.), SwiftPay empowers IBA operators with some of the same technology seen in the tunnel market to improve throughput and revenue. SwiftPay leverages license plate recognition and digital marketing to create a consistent and convenient customer experience in unattended environments. The solution features the AMP 6500 unattended Smart terminal, which enables secure EMV payments including tap, and support for mobile payment like Apple Pay and Google Pay. With a clear and intuitive touchscreen interface, and robust weatherproof casing, the 6500 delivers a simple, quick, and delightful payment experience for customers.

“AMP’s collaborative approach to payment solutions made them the perfect partner while developing SwiftPay. This partnership provides the latest technology in hardware, software, and EMV payments in unattended environments such as IBA car washes,” said Eric George, SwiftPay Product Manager.

“SwiftPay makes it possible for in-bay operators to leverage the same features as the tunnel market, including a modern unlimited program as well as marketing and loyalty programs to increase and maximize monthly revenue,” said Odane Jackson, SwiftPay Product Manager.

“This collaboration with Washify is an ideal fit with our vision for Smart EMV unattended,” said Robert Downton, VP of Sales North America at AMP. “They are partners with a deep understanding of both their customers’ expectations, and how to leverage the potential of our technology to deliver a smooth and delightful payment experience for every car wash customer.”


SwiftPay is available in three formats, offered as a standalone kiosk and as a retrofit kit for Wash Select II or Goldline units. The retrofit kit provides car wash owners with the opportunity to upgrade their kiosk and modernize operations:

– Replace existing hardware with a simple door replacement and minimal electrical work– Offer an unlimited program to create a recurring revenue stream– Implement easy-to-use marketing and loyalty programs– Provide car wash customers with responsive remote support– Receive notifications from the kiosk directly to your phone– Obtain full reports on revenue, car count, etc.

Learn more about SwiftPay at www.swiftpaystation.com


Known for such revolutionary products as the Car Wash X Station, Washify continues to be a surprise in the car wash industry, offering new game-changing devices and services. Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP) is a global provider of complete payment solutions and POS products built around usability, security, and smart integration options.

Equipped with the latest certifications and able to integrate with any platform, AMP delivers tools designed to keep transactions secure and improve the payment experience. Their focus is working with partners to develop targeted solutions that deliver maximum value to the end user, aiming to empower others with their tools, rather than box them in with inflexible off-the-shelf products.

From creating smart payment devices to designing entire solutions, AMP works collaboratively to solve customer’s unique payment challenges.

Learn more at www.amobilepayment.com

Washify PR/Marketing ManagerRina Mandujanorina.mandujano@washify.com