Washify Launches New Mentoring Program for the Carwash Industry

In lockstep with Washify’s “Why” we are excited to announce another resource for car wash owners to find valuable and useful information to help them improve or start their business. This time, we are excited to announce “Washify Mentorship Program”, designed exclusively for the car wash industry.

Sometimes taking a step back is necessary to understand the why’s and see the big picture. Washify has taken this step and has realized that we have and want to give back to our customers, fellow car wash owners, friends and everyone involved and that want to be involved in this ever-developing and fun industry.

“The purpose of this platform is to offer everyone in the industry and outside of it, a Knowledge Platform, one where each user, whether a mentor or mentee, can acquire new knowledge, expand what they already know, get first-hand information from experienced car wash owners, as well as sharing ideas, among many other topics a mentor and mentee can have in common”. – Matt D’Souza, VP of Sales, Washify.

Are you looking to build a new car wash site? Do you want to purchase a car wash, but have no idea where to start? Need some advice on how to advertise your wash? Want to talk with a fellow car wash owner? – This is the place where your questions will be answered!

Washify was created to help car wash owners and has set a goal to give back to the industry and help in any way possible. But also, Washify has set it’s minds to help those in need, which is why this mentorship program will have a completely voluntary and optional charge. All proceeds will go directly to a charity house in both Boston and Honduras. TBD

Visit the Washify Mentorship Program and get started!https://mentorcity.com/invitation/fec8f3aeaeb9af778d289c95f75f4010