Washify Launches Job Board for the Car Wash Industry

Boston, February 19th, 2020 – Washify is excited to announce Car Wash Industry Jobs, a job board designed exclusively for the car wash industry.

“We see it as a way to attract and retain talent within our industry as well as supply companies with a platform that is geared towards candidates that have car wash experience or are looking to get into the industry. To say it another way, the goal of Car Wash Industry Jobs is to help job seekers find great jobs in the car wash space, and help car wash-related businesses find great people.” – Matt D’Souza, VP of Sales, Washify

Who can post on this site? If you are in the car wash industry, you should post your jobs on the site. This is offered as a free service for anyone in the car wash world.

Washify was created to help car wash owners be more successful. We will never be finished. This job board is an altruistic extension of that purpose and broadens our scope to include helping people join, stay and grow within our industry. Even if you are our competitor, you can still post your jobs on our board.