What You Need To Know About EMV

Washify is offering a full suite of EMV products integrated into our platform all with QuickChip Technology for fast, easy and secure transactions. We want to make sure you are aware of why we are making this change and why you should too!

Introducing Custom Kiosk Profiling

Washify is introducing profiling, which allows you to customize the message an experience based on six key criteria. Your customer will see a different set of screen flows, see a video, or get a special offer based on past purchases or other specific criteria. For example, first time the customer appears, they see a welcome video about your wash, the second time customer is offered an unlimited for $10 off the first month, the third visit the customer is offered an unlimited for $5 for the first two months.In this session, we will learn the latest tips & tricks that’ll help you utilize our Xstation to the fullest.

How to maximize your unlimited revenue

The unlimited program has been the largest driver of increasing car wash revenue. Washify has always offered software that allows you to increase your membership as well as allow your customers to self manage their accounts. Some of the recent enhancements include: 1. Customers can text a link to access their account 2. You can automate multiple vehicle discounts 3. We offer multiple month discounting for new customers
In this session, we will learn the latest tips & tricks that’ll help you utilize our Xstation to the fullest.

New features on the xStation!

We have many exciting new features on the xStation and want to make sure you are utilizing these to imrpove the customer experience. Some new features include: Creating a customer account for each unique LP, Checking the amount of money in the xStation from the app, ASK JOEL FOR ADDITIONAL FEATURES


Washify has officially launched our SMS Text Marketing service available through the CWA. During this webinar, we will teach you how to set up a campaign, review the analytics of the campaign, and track all the messages you have sent to date. If you are interesting in increasing your sales through text marketing, this Webinar is for you!

Our newest line of Android based Handhelds

Washify is launching a new line of android handheld devices. The handheld device fits in your employees pocket, has a built in printer and EMV reader in a device with a battery that will last all day. The software is fast, easy to use and integrates easily with LPR. Sign up unlimiteds and assisting customers has never been easier. Learn why our first beta customer called this device a “gamechanger.”

Predicting equipment failures

Washify will showcase amazing innovative technology to predict motor, pump and bearing failures by using tiny sensors that are IP65 (ideal for wet environments) that measure heat and vibrations and use the most advanced machine learning technology. Fix motors before they fail, replace failing bearings. You need to watch this if you want to minimize downtime.

2021 is the Year of the Customer

Washify is introducing a series of customer focused initiatives to improve your experience with Washify and get the most our of our system. These include helping you increase revenue, connecting you with other customers, and assisting you in getting priority support faster.

Preventative Maintenance

Jonathan, the opertions manager at Waves Car Wash will provide his insights on preventative maintenance and any other steps you can take to ensure long-term optimal function of your car wash. His experience and day-to-day management of wash operations