Xelerator: The Best Tablet for Car Washes

Car wash owners have been using tablets in one form or another at car washes for years. Is Washify’s Xelerator any better than other handhelds on the market? Are they really going to drive additional revenue, memberships, and enhance the customer experience?

The answer to both questions is a big yes!

Below are just four of the many ways our Xelerator product line will be an absolute game changer for your car wash’s productivity:

Upsell customers in the vacuum area or even off property

Xelerator can connect to WiFi, a mobile hot spot, or a SIM card so you can accept payments anywhere: at high school football games, at another business, or at a car show. You could sell at a local event and donate a percentage of sales to the host organization to give back to your community. With this device, you can sell single washes, washbooks, unlimited memberships or gift cards. You’re bringing the car wash to more customers, wherever they are!

The positive impact on club memberships could be dramatic for a different reason.  We know that in many cases, club memberships are sold, not bought.  Discussing the value of your club program in an area with less noise, or where your customers don’t feel rushed, allows you to take some of those objections off the table and effectively sell more.

Speed up the queue

Selling a car wash customer while they are in line removes a bottle neck. Instead of the customer spending 30 seconds at the kiosk to put in their order, what if you took that time down to 3 seconds?

There are a few ways to do this with Washify’s Xelerator:

Sell the customer and associate their license plate with the transaction.

Depending on your set up, once the car’s license plate comes into view of the camera, the POS screen will display the purchase so your attendant can confirm it, or the pay station will raise the gate and put the wash into the stack.

Redeem a purchase using a barcode receipt.

You can also sell a wash and print out a barcode receipt that the customer can redeem at the Washify car wash pay station or at the POS booth. So even without license plate recognition, you are able to get a customer to the entrance of your tunnel faster than ever.

Reducing the visible line (the cars in queue at your wash) means customers don’t think of alternatives like waiting for the rain or going to your competitor. These tablets allow you to minimize bottlenecks so you can get your customers through faster and keep them coming back. Now they won’t have to allocate so much time for car washing and can squeeze it in anytime.

Reduce administrative tasks

Replacing a card or selling a physical gift card or washbook usually requires a trip inside the store. With Xelerator, you can complete activities like this while you’re on the go. Handling these tasks from the tablet keeps your team focused on washing cars for maximum productivity.

Everything you want in your point-of-sale, now in a super sleek device

Accepting chip or contactless payments is a breeze with Xelerator. We’re taking a page out of the QSR (Quick Serve Restaurant) playbook, a business model that has used tablets for years, so you can rest assured you are accepting secure payments on a modern device. In addition, Xelerator is built on Android, the world’s number one mobile device platform, so updates and enhancements are only a download away.  Another way to say it: these devices are going to get better with time so you can adapt as the industry changes.

With this leap in technology, we’re revolutionizing the car wash POS space for the better.  We’re also reducing the upfront investment to help you compete with other car washes, grow your club memberships and improve customer experience.

Check out our full Xelerator product page or call us at 855 927-4439 for more information.