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Whether you operate a self-serve car wash or offer drivers the full experience, your lot needs payment kiosks if it’s going to effectively serve consumers. These kiosks let drivers use cash, credit, or other forms of payment to benefit from your services. But modern payment kiosk can do much more for your business besides process transactions.

There’s a good chance that you’re not using your payment kiosk to its full advantage – so, why not let Washify give you a hand? Let’s explore the different ways you can transform your payment kiosk from a simple transaction management tool into a hub for business growth.

The Importance of Your Car Wash’s Payment Kiosks

No matter what good you want to bring to your local community, your business still needs money to function. It’s difficult to collect the money you charge for your services if you don’t have payment kiosks at the ready. It gets even harder to connect with customers, though, if your payment kiosks can’t accept a variety of forms of payment.

For example, a cash-only payment kiosk can be straightforward to manage, particularly if you operate an unmanned lot. However, some of your possible customers may turn away from your lot if they don’t have cash on hand. In these cases, your payment kiosk served as a barrier between your business and your revenue, despite the kiosk’s original purpose.

With that in mind, the efficiency of a car wash’s payment kiosk hinges on its usability. You need to ensure that your payment kiosks are up to date and able to accept your area’s most popular forms of payment if you want to remain relevant. 

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Increasing Your Payment Kiosks’ Versatility

The usability of your payment kiosks is going to vary based on the kind of currency that your regular customers prefer to use. By increasing the versatility of your payment kiosks, you can both appeal to these repeat customers and draw in customers who might have been turned away by a less receptive kiosk.

For example, AARP notes that older drivers do use credit cards but prefer to pay for their services in cash or coin. While most of today’s car wash payment kiosks can accept both, there are some car washes that have yet to move away from cash-only operations. These two forms of payment are baseline requirements for a versatile business.

That said, you can still grow your transaction opportunities. New forms of payment, including subscription payments or mobile wallets, are becoming increasingly popular among today’s drivers. If you want to make your business more accessible to these drivers, you can work with area technicians to ensure your payment kiosks can accept these forms of payment.

Marrying Your POS System With Your Payment Kiosks

You can do more with your payment kiosks than collect payment for your services. When you integrate a payment kiosk into a broader point of sale (POS) system, you can also:

Increase Your Data Streams

No business can expand without access to consumers’ data. When you operate a car wash, though, it can be difficult to learn more about the people who benefit from your services. Integrate an updated POS system into your payment kiosk, though, and your circumstances change.

A modern POS system can help you determine which of your business’s services clients are enjoying the most. This system, paired with a customer membership program, can also let you determine what demographic of consumers most often comes through your car wash.

When you have this information on hand, it gets easier for you to invest in services that you know will attract consumer attention. You can even improve your marketing strategies by paying for advertisements on the platforms that you know your consumer demographic prefers to use. 

Streamline Client Transactions

There’s nothing more frustrating for clients today than slow transactions. Even if clients are paying for their preferred services in cash, they want to have a payment kiosk process their payment in little to no time at all. If you have an older payment kiosk – or one that hasn’t been integrated into a cloud-based POS system – your lot’s transactions may be driving off drivers.

When you update your payment kiosks, you can make it easier for your systems to process transactions. For example, a new payment kiosk’s internal HVAC management system can protect your kiosk from humidity and damage. This way, it’ll be more difficult for technical difficulties to shut down your operations.

Similarly, integration into a store-wide POS system can help you better maintain your payment kiosks. These systems can let you know if something goes amiss with the software or hardware needed to operate your kiosk. In turn, you can call on external maintenance before a breakdown starts to lose you money.

Improve Your Payment Opportunities

Today’s means of paying for goods and services are more diverse than ever. While cash and credit are still common forms of payment, drivers are often looking to their mobile wallets when trying to pay for a service on the go. If your payment kiosk can’t accept a mobile payment, you risk losing younger consumers’ business.

Upgrading your payment kiosks with an improved POS system connection lets you better tailor your business to this audience of drivers. Your upgraded system can not only process non-conventional, digital payments, but it can also encrypt these transactions, thereby increasing your payment kiosks’ security.

Learn More About the Benefits of an Updated Payment Kiosk With Washify

Your payment kiosks are your customers’ gateway to your business. If you’re not updating your gateway, you risk preventing excited customers from taking advantage of your services. Fortunately, Washify can help you upgrade your car wash POS terminals. We provide staff-free and staff-assisted kiosks that you can customize to suit your business.

You can get a demo of our services by contacting our team. During an initial consultation, we can discuss which of our tools may suit your car wash best. From there, we can show you how an updated payment kiosk, paired with a cutting-edge POS system, can help you expand your business’s reach.

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