Will I Need to Update My Software?

Washify’s POS (point of sale) system seamlessly integrates into your working life. Not only does it replace outmoded software and legacy POS hardware, but it also has a streamlined system enhancement process. That means you’re never stuck on an outdated version, and all updates occur quickly and easily.

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How Our POS System Software Helps Your Car Wash Business

Washify is built primarily on the Amazon Cloud system, allowing us to update, store information, and deliver services to your business quicker and more efficiently than legacy systems. With our system, you benefit in a variety of ways.

  • Increase your computing power as you grow from a single-site to a multi-site company.
  • Implement updates and system enhancements easily and with no additional cost.
  • Make use of our automated marketing software to attract new customers.
  • Run complex reports in record time.
  • Use cloud storage that frees you from the problems that plague traditional servers.

Increase Profit with an Upgraded POS System

The Washify POS system for car wash businesses doesn’t just offer a simple, straightforward process for handling reports and updates. It also actively saves you money.

Lower Employee Costs

Our automated marketing software, hands-off reporting, customer-facing apps, and other features allow you to run your business with fewer employees. That’s a considerable benefit when you’re trying to save on wages.

Higher Revenue

You can increase your revenue via the Washify POS system in several ways.

  1. Targeted ad campaigns using data from our customer-facing apps to track client engagement.
  2. Make transactions quicker by using EMV-compatible chip card and contactless payment methods, allowing you to serve more clients.
  3. Wireless, license plate recognition, and RFID recognition software helps increase your throughput.

You also save money on the little things. For example, our POS terminals are made from materials designed to withstand car wash environments, so you don’t have to spend money constantly maintaining them. Plus, they use thermal printers that don’t require ink.

See the Difference Washify’s POS System Can Make

Don’t just take our word for it. See the Washify car wash POS system in action by scheduling a demo with one of our team members. Head over to our Contact Us page and request your demo session.

If you’d like to speak with a team member about software requirements or the POS system in general, call our office at (855) 927-4439.