When to Consider Marketing Automation for My Car Wash?

Marketing automation helps car wash owners have a simple, streamlined way to analyze customer interactions and increase revenue through advertising. If you are planning to expand your client base, open new sites for your car wash business, or market new services to existing customers, it’s time for you to consider marketing automation. Washify’s point of sale systems include marketing automation software to make your life easier. Request a demo today to see how we can help your company grow and prosper. If you’d like to speak with one of our customer service representatives, call our office at (855) 927-4439.

How Marketing Automation Helps Your Car Wash Business

The term “marketing automation” can encompass a variety of tools that allow you to interact with customers more effectively and efficiently. For example, Washify’s system includes:
  • Email and text-based marketing
  • Integration with your existing website
  • A customer app for scheduling, buying gift cards, redeeming loyalty points, and more
  • Automated emails for special deals and coupons
Instead of having to sift through customer data yourself, our software can see which customers haven’t frequented your business in a while and send them emails automatically.

Saving Money on Marketing Spend

Paying full-time marketing staff can add up, especially when your customer base is so large that you need a dozen or more employees to handle the data. However, marketing automation means you can trim the size of your marketing department down to the bare minimum, saving you countless dollars on payroll.

Managing Multi-Site Businesses

If you have more than one car wash location, chances are good that you need marketing automation software. The system can track which clients visit which location, how often, what kinds of washes they purchase, and more. This allows you an easy way to upsell and increase contracts as well as reach out to customers who have been absent for a while.

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