When to Consider Choosing a CRM Software for Car Wash?

CRM, or customer relationship management, is software that can help provide insight into your car wash business’ customers, but when should you choose one? While smaller mom-and-pop shops may handle customer reporting manually, having a CRM is an essential part of widening your clientele.

What Is a CRM Used for?

Having CRM software means you can manage your clients’ ongoing contracts. Typically, this kind of software helps you with:

  • Tracking customer-business contact (i.e. texts, emails, phone calls)
  • Reporting on contract status
  • Allowing marketing staff quick access to important data
  • Forecasting future sales, contract increases, and add-ons
  • Scheduling appointments and requests

By having high-quality, functional CRM software as part of your point of sale system, you have an easy-to-use platform from which to manage all your customers and contracts. CRM software also has powerful reporting capabilities to help you plan your marketing.

How CRM Tech Helps Your Customers?

It’s not just you and your employees who get the benefits of CRM. Washify supplies your customers with a client-facing mobile app that’s easy to use and offers quick, simple account management.

Our technology also benefits clients by:

  • Allowing for e-commerce purchases
  • Accessing special discounts
  • Handling perks for members or loyalty program clients

Mobile and online controls help your customers have more flexibility and accessibility to the services they need. That equates to a more loyal customer base for you!

When to Make the Transition to CRM Technology?

When you have dozens of recurring clients, managing their contracts on your own can be difficult. CRM software makes it easy! It’s wise to upgrade to a POS system that uses CRM technology when you expand your business to a point you can’t track all your customers on your own.

You also might want to consider a CRM when you expand into multiple locations. Once you have three or more locations, it’s too much work to track them all on your own. At Washify, we have dedicated multi-site management software that allows you to handle all the ins and outs of each of your establishments from a single login!

At Washify, our point of sale (POS) system includes extensive customer management features. If you’re ready to see how you can expand your customer base and provide more efficient service, request a demo of our service today.

Using CRM Software to Improve Revenue?

Here’s another reason you might want to get CRM software: growing your client base. By tracking customers’ usage of your car wash, you can spot trends, email customers about deals to improve flow, and create custom messages to entice clients to become repeat customers.

CRM technology is like having a marketing team right at your fingertips. You have all the lead information and tools you’ll need to expand your clientele into a larger, more profitable base. If you already have a marketing hire, CRM software will multiply their effectiveness.

Features to Look for in a CRM

There are a huge number of CRM software packages available. Choosing the right CRM for your car wash is important. Besides getting one that works well with the needs of the car wash industry, look for software that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Has sales analytics software
  • Has a lead scoring system

Lead scoring is a CRM feature that analyzes each customer’s behavior and assigns them into different categories. You can use these categories to target different kinds of marketing to the right groups for maximum revenue generation.

Integrating CRM with Your POS System

Some POS systems, like Washify, have a CRM system built into it. We think this is the superior approach because they are much easier to use. Using an external system means you have to work with your POS vendor to import data into your CRM.

This makes you less flexible in your marketing. Imagine having your POS system immediately offer a coupon or display an ad based on past customer behavior inside its CRM database? It’s automatic marketing!

Get a Demo of Washify’s System Today

If the idea of increasing revenue, serving clients more efficiently, and improving your reputation among your customers sounds good, it’s time to choose a POS system that has CRM software for your car wash.

Get a demonstration of Washify’s products by reaching out through our contact page. You can also speak to a representative directly by calling our offices.