Should I Create a Mobile Car Wash App?

You should absolutely get a mobile car wash app for your business. Modern customers do much of their purchasing, finance management, and account management from their cell phones. Why should ordering and managing their car wash services be any different?

By having a mobile car wash app as part of your POS (point of sale system), you take your business to the next level. More customers are likely to interact with your company and purchase washes since it’s far easier than calling or having to manage their accounts in person.

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Features Your Mobile App Should Include

There are a few essential features you’ll need to include if you want your mobile car wash app to function properly and become popular among your potential clientele.

Loyalty Programs and Incentives

The customer should be able to sign up for your loyalty program through the app. They should also be able to:

  • View and redeem loyalty points or rewards
  • Obtain gift cards for family members or friends

In-App Purchases

Make sure your mobile app allows for purchases and payments within the app’s software. Customers should be able to see, manage, and make credit card payments.

Wash Selections

You should also make sure your app includes descriptions of all your wash types. Customers should be able to see the basic features of each wash type, select which wash service they wish to use, and finalize their selection in-app.

What Washify’s Car Wash App Can Do for Your Business

At Washify, our mobile car wash app has all the features you need to grow your client base. We provide the basic version at no additional cost when you purchase our point of sale (POS) system.

With our app, you can:

  • Get real-time information on your customers’ interactions with the app
  • Customize the colors, layout, and options on the app
  • Use your own customized graphics
  • Give your customers a hassle-free purchasing experience

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Car Wash App?

Designing and building your own mobile app can be expensive. With Washify, you don’t have to create your app from scratch. We provide the customization tools you need to make our app specific to your company, and the basic version is FREE with the purchase of our POS system.

Get a Demo of Washify’s System Today

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