How Can Washify Benefit My Business?

When you’re shopping for a point of sale (POS) system, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the services you don’t need. That’s why Washify’s POS system doesn’t come with fluff applications. Instead, we offer you hardware and software meant to benefit your business and help your car wash thrive.

Washify is one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States today, ranking at #1549 on the Inc. 5000, alongside other private businesses. If you’re looking to get your name on this list – or bring new cars to your lot – our POS system can help you get started.

Integrating Washify Point of Sale Technology Into Your Business

Your success as a car wash hinges on your speed and efficiency. If your existing POS system isn’t getting the job done, consider what an upgrade might do for your day-to-day operations.

Are kiosk-based advertisements slowing down consumer sales? Have our system turn them off during peak hours. Have you seen a lapse in business and want to win consumers back? Our kiosks can gather existing consumers’ data and determine what your car wash’s primary draw is.

Even so, installing a new POS system can take a lot of time. You’ll want to be certain that your new system is worth the start-up cost. Fortunately, Washify’s POS has earned its reputation through hard work. You’ll find that this POS doesn’t only improve your consumer relationships. It will also sharpen your marketing, grow your services, protect your sales – and make you money.

Increasing Your Tire Traffic

The traditional, free-standing POS kiosk did its job well. Today’s car washes need to do more than process consumers’ payments, though. To benefit your business, Washify’s POS kiosks, tablets, and mobile sale options can also help you store and access consumer data through the cloud. At the same time, it will offer quality of life improvements to your customers.

Our wide variety of kiosks allows consumers to customize their preferred services. When consumers can choose the medium through which they interact with your car wash, you can keep traffic flowing through your lot.

What’s more, you’ll have a chance to observe consumers’ preferences after they’ve left. When you know what kind of services your customers love, you can transform that data into a marketing campaign that will draw consumers back to your lot.

Automating Your Marketing Outreach

One of the trickiest parts of owning a car wash is learning how to market to new clients. Fortunately, a modern POS system can make this simpler. Washify’s system collects data about clients’ wash preferences. These systems also track how much time consumers spend choosing what services to use and how often they come back to your business.

When you have this information on hand, it’s easier to build up your marketing campaign. You can highlight your lot’s most-beloved services to the demographic of consumers that likes them best. At the same time, you can explore the ways you can highlight your less-used services, promoting increased usage throughout your existing and growing consumer base.

Growing Your Services

No car wash is a single-service business. Your outlet offers washes, waxes, interior cleaning, and tire care to all your customers. There are ways to expand your current suite of services, though. A POS system lets drivers take a new approach to your business by offering them:

  • Access to in-house rewards programs
  • Digital engagement with your on-duty employees
  • Membership opportunities
  • Service scheduling online or from their phones

When customers can use a POS system to integrate themselves into your business, you’ll see more than increased traffic throughout your lot. You’ll see repeat customers spreading the good word about your operation.

Protecting Your Sales

Self-service POS kiosks tend to be safer than traditional payment systems due to consumers’ independence. Customers who don’t have to contend with a teller are less likely to endure attempted theft.

That said, many consumers worry that independent kiosks put their data at risk. When you work with Washify, this is never the case. Our protective payment options include EMV chip cards and contactless payments. We offer end-to-end encryption on each consumer exchange, too, to prevent digital thieves from using our equipment for malicious purposes.

Saving Your Money for Upcoming Projects

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles a POS system has. No matter what, a system needs to serve your business. Washify’s car wash POS software does more than help you market your business or improve your relationship with consumers. It also saves and makes you money.

Washify’s POS system benefits your business by:

  • Reducing data entry time
  • Managing your in-house inventory
  • Speeding up consumer transactions
  • Revamping ineffective marketing campaigns

When you can market more effectively, keep your lines moving, stay on top of your inventory, and keep your business running smoothly, you save money. You can then use your increased funds to continue growing your operation. In short, POS systems are tools that elevate your business’s efficiency and outreach. Washify is ready to help your car wash grow.

Customizing Your Installation Costs and Fees

Because Washify’s POS system is so versatile, you can determine what kind of services you want to invest in before we begin our installation. When you get a demo, we’ll let you have the pick of some of our best hardware and software, including our:

  • Car wash license plate recognition
  • Car detailing schedule and management
  • Support and training
  • Automatic credit card updater
  • Employee management
  • Fleet accounts

You can even choose whether you want to invest in a POS terminal, a Xelerator Tablet or Mobile POS, or a car wash pay station. We’ll price your desired systems and hardware before setting a date for any essential installations. This way, you can budget for your upgrade ahead of time.

Take Your Business Outreach to New Heights With Washify

Your car wash doesn’t need to remain stagnant. Whether you’ve been looking for new solutions to old problems or ways to benefit your business with a boost, Washify’s POS system lets you take your first step in the right direction. Our built-in sales security and license plate recognition technology will both help you make a good impression on customers new and old.

To learn more about our pricing bundles and POS add-ons, you can contact our Washify representatives. We’re available over the phone and through our online form!