Washify Tablet for Car Washes

Washify’s tablet gives your staff the ability to: walk the line, or even walk around your vacuum bays and pre-sell to your customers. License plate recognition maintains the stack, so every car gets the right wash, just take a picture of the plate right on the tablet. Once the vehicle drives up, the plate is read and the gate automatically goes up. LPR provides every customer with a windows up experience, no need to speak with an attendant or touch the kiosk.

Coming Soon

Washify car wash tablet allow the car wash owner to:

Car washes around the country are modernizing their operations through POS technology that provides mobility while speeding up transactions. Our tablet can take pictures of license plates in order to get the customer in the queue. License plate recognition can manage the stack using these pictures, and maintain synced with the tablet in real time.

Washify’s tablet for car washes features the same POS X software as our standard terminal, now available in a mobile format.