VPOS – Vacuum Point-of-Sale for Car Washes


Washify’s modern, cloud-based vacuum POS terminal helps you turn a payment terminal into a marketing tool. Leveraging multiple benefits and features, turn your vacuum service into a customer loyalty tool.  

Why Manage Vacuum Services?

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Key Features

  • Cashless transactions  –Credit/Debit and Barcode only. No cash, coins or tokens.
  • EMV compliant credit card terminal to reduce risk.
  • Free vacuum time for Unlimited/Members only.
  • Free vacuum time only for consumers providing their mobile phone numbers.
  • Select amount of free time for members and phone number contributors.
  • Built-in texting tool to promote Car Wash to phone numbers collected.
  • Cloud-based so additional features and enhancements will be easily added.

Available as retrofits to existing vacuum payboxes or as new vacuum installs for most vacuum manufacturers.




Use this cutting edge vacuum POS to integrate a car wash pay terminal into your marketing campaign. Washify is offering its Swift VPOS which can provide multiple benefits for those offering vacuum services.

In some instances, Swift VPOS does not require a Washify POS/Paystation system and can operate as standalone.




In exchange for providing their cell phone number and agreeing to receive text marketing messages, visitors can get X minutes of free vacuum time each day using the VPOS-generated free vacuum barcode texted to their smartphone.





When customers purchase vacuum time, a barcode is generated and texted to the cell phone number entered for redeeming at the vacuum kiosk.

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