Virtual Demo: Consumer Mobile App

Thank you for visiting our virtual trade show! You can learn more about the app using the interactive graphic below

Washify’s mobile app offerings are completely integrated with Washify’s car wash POS. This means customers interactions through the apps are reflected in real time on all reporting from the POS as well as from web-based reporting tools.

We offer several levels of customization for our mobile apps. Our basic version, which is included at no charge with our POS, allows you to customize the colors and buttons that appear as well as their order on the screen. For instance, if you don’t offer detailing, we can remove that option entirely. The custom app option has all the same functionality but, in addition, it has it’s own icon in the app stores, and allows for the customization of graphics.

We have several ways to implement a consumer app so your customers will spend more with your wash and have a hassle free way of doing it. Call us today and we can discuss the options in detail as well as show you some examples.

Allows the customer to

Allows the car wash owner to

Our consumer app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store