The Team

  • Adam Korngold
    Adam Korngold

    CEO and Founder

    Adam Korngold was always interested in car washing growing up. While studying at Babson College in Wellesley, MA, he wrote a business plan on opening a car wash for a real estate investment class. After college, he raised money from family members and investors to open a car wash in Boston at the age of 23. Adam was disappointed by the lack of effective marketing components offered by car wash point-of-sale systems. So, in 2011, Adam started Washify Services to create a POS system that would get his current customers to wash more often.

    Adam is a past president of the New England Carwash Association, as well as a past director of the Northeast Regional Carwash Convention. Adam has spoken or participated in panels for the New England Carwash Association, Car Wash Operators of NJ, the Northeast Regional Carwash Convention, and the International Carwash Association.

    Adam has an MBA from Boston University. While at Waves, he can often be found scrubbing the back of cars or towel drying. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and sons.

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  • Kevin McLoughlin
    Kevin McLoughlin

    Vice President of Sales

    Kevin is a 15-year industry veteran. He began his career as a training consultant for one of the industry’s leading training and consulting firms, helping car wash operators across the country improve their businesses. Kevin is also an owner of an exterior car wash that he has owned for 10 years.

    Proudly, Kevin was one of the first Washify customers to install the Washify system at his car wash. Kevin graduated from Merrimack College with a Bachelor of Science degree.

    Kevin enjoys working with car wash operators to help them figure out ways to increase their volume and profitability by utilizing the impressive marketing capabilities of the Washify system.

    In his spare time Kevin is usually doing some type of activity with his wife and family.

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  • Jamey Squires
    Jamey Squires

    VP of Product Development

    Jamey is originally from Indiana. He attended Indiana University and Purdue of Indianapolis studying Chemistry and Computer Science.

    Recently, Jamey was a member of the Wash Depot Technology Team which focused on point-of-sale systems, tunnel control and employee related software.

    He is a recent addition to the Washify team, with over 25 years of experience in car wash management and technology roles. He began his career 1989 as a Managing Partner of the Sparkling Image Car Washes. During this time he designed and built one of the first true Flex Serve locations.

    After being acquired by Wash Depot Holdings in 1998, Jamey joined their National Management Team. There he operated high-volume express and full-service locations with some locations washing close to 200,000 vehicles per year.

    A former competitive tennis player, he stills plays on a regular basis for fun.

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  • Dorjan Hajderllari
    Dorjan Hajderllari


    Dorjan leads technical support and plays an integral role in Washify’s product development and QA testing.

    Dorjan started his career at Waves Car Wash when he was 16 years old. Over the years he held multiple roles of increasing responsibility before pursuing his passion for technology by joining Washify.

    Dorjan has taught himself many of the aspects of his role and enjoys the challenges and opportunities the Washify system provides as new features and enhancements are released.

    A true car aficionado, Dorjan enjoys spending his free time customizing his rides, attending races and car shows.

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  • Brett Yorks
    Brett Yorks

    Training & Installation Specialist

    Brett is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Communications.

    Brett began his career in the car wash industry 6 years ago at Waves Car Wash. From prepping and detailing to towel drying, Brett has experience in almost all the roles at a high volume wash. As the Washify business grew, Brett saw a chance to help others with his experiences and is now our most senior on-site trainer.

    Today, Brett relishes traveling the country to help new Washify clients get the most from their investment. He also enjoys trying to come up with the most efficient ways washes can eliminate bottlenecks.

    In his spare time, Brett enjoys surfing year round off the coast of Rhode Island. Brett also enjoys going up to Vermont or New Hampshire during any time of the year for all sorts of activities.

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  • Matt D’Souza
    Matt D’Souza

    VP of Sales Operations

    Matt joined Washify after working with several venture backed start-ups. Prior to that, Matt led sales divisions at Yahoo! and Yodle.

    At Washify, Matt’s role touches on all aspects of the customer life cycle: from lead sourcing and qualifying to onboarding and training.

    Matt graduated from Saint Anselm College and received and MS from Boston University in Electronic Commerce. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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  • Joe Farina
    Joe Farina

    Client Services Manager

    Joe started his career at Waves Car Wash in 2011 while attending the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He began as a Detailer and working his way up to sales. In 2014, when Joe graduated college, he transitioned over to Washify as the company’s first employee. He is currently the Client Services Manager and serves as the primary point of contact for all new and current customers in implementation of the Washify system.

    In Joe’s own words:It is always a thrill to travel to a new customer’s car wash to meet and train the staff. At the end of the session, you always have a sense of accomplishment, it is a great feeling to see the owner and staff happy they made the switch to Washify.

    In his spare time, Joe enjoys travelling and sight-seeing, going out in Boston and grabbing food from his favorite eateries. He is also formulating plans for a trip around the world.

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  • Kevin Herman
    Kevin Herman

    Technical Support Associate and Credit Card Specialist

    Kevin is a graduate of the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in Boston. Over the past five years, Kevin has held several retail management roles with UPS and Stride Rite.

    At Washify, Kevin works with clients to resolve technical issues and ensure their credit card processing is secure and fast. In addition to his support role, Kevin shares responsibility for configuring hardware and shipping.

    When he’s not working, Kevin is a movie buff who takes in the latest releases as well as classics with a focus on the comedy and action genres.

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  • Joseph Wall
    Joseph Wall

    Sales Representative

    Joseph started at working at Waves Car Wash when he was sixteen. He began as a towel dryer and moved into roles of greater responsibility before moving over to Washify.

    Starting in the technical support department, Joseph worked his way up to become Washify’s Technical Support Manager, with additional responsibilities for configuring hardware prior to shipment, overseeing the helpdesk tickets, and graphic design for kiosk and customer websites.

    Joseph attended John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in Boston and is pursuing a degree at University of Massachusetts.

    Early in Joe’s career at Washify, he was known for providing one of the most memorable job satisfaction quotes:“I like this job – I don’t have to go to the beach because I’m outside all the time and I don’t have to go the gym because I get a workout here…”When he’s not working Joe likes working out and contemplating Washify installations as he walks the beach.

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