In lockstep with Washify’s “Why” we are excited to announce another resource for car wash owners to find valuable and useful information to help them improve or start their business.
This time, we are excited to announce “Washify Mentorship Program”, designed exclusively for the car wash industry.

Sometimes taking a step back is necessary to understand the why’s and see the big picture. Washify has taken this step and has realized that we have and want to give back to our customers, fellow car wash owners, friends and everyone involved and that want to be involved in this ever-developing and fun industry.

“The purpose of this platform is to offer everyone in the industry and outside of it, a Knowledge Platform, one where each user, whether a mentor or mentee, can acquire new knowledge, expand what they already know, get first-hand information from experienced car wash owners, as well as sharing ideas, among many other topics a mentor and mentee can have in common”. – Matt D’Souza, VP of Sales, Washify.

Are you looking to build a new car wash site? Do you want to purchase a car wash, but have no idea where to start? Need some advice on how to advertise your wash? Want to talk with a fellow car wash owner? – This is the place where your questions will be answered!

Washify was created to help car wash owners and has set a goal to give back to the industry and help in any way possible. But also, Washify has set it’s minds to help those in need, which is why this mentorship program will have a completely voluntary and optional charge. All proceeds will go directly to a charity house in both Boston and Honduras. TBD

Visit the Washify Mentorship Program and get started!


Boston, Massachusetts – August 25, 2020 – Washify, a company with a history of innovation, presents its latest contribution to the car wash industry — a feature-rich and cost effective product for the in-bay market – SwiftPay.

SwiftPay will allow in-bay automatic car wash owners to have a EMV compliant unattended payment solution that will provide visitors with a seamless customer experience. With support for contactless payments, Swiftpay is a modern and clean solution that helps to reduce physical contact and increase the speed of customer interaction. All of these features will help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Following Washify’s growth and success in the tunnel market, we wanted to develop a dedicated solution for in-bay operators,” said Adam Korngold, CEO of Washify Services. “Our experience in software and hardware informed our research and development as we took our key features and reimagined them for the in-bay market.”

Developed in partnership with AMP (Advanced Mobile Payment Inc.), SwiftPay empowers IBA operators with some of the same technology seen in the tunnel market to improve throughput and revenue. SwiftPay leverages license plate recognition and digital marketing to create a consistent and convenient customer experience in unattended environments. The solution features the AMP 6500 unattended Smart terminal, which enables secure EMV payments including tap, and support for mobile payment like Apple Pay and Google Pay. With a clear and intuitive touchscreen interface, and robust weatherproof casing, the 6500 delivers a simple, quick, and delightful payment experience for customers.

“AMP’s collaborative approach to payment solutions made them the perfect partner while developing SwiftPay. This partnership provides the latest technology in hardware, software, and EMV payments in unattended environments such as IBA car washes,” said Eric George, SwiftPay Product Manager.

“SwiftPay makes it possible for in-bay operators to leverage the same features as the tunnel market, including a modern unlimited program as well as marketing and loyalty programs to increase and maximize monthly revenue,” said Odane Jackson, SwiftPay Product Manager.

“This collaboration with Washify is an ideal fit with our vision for Smart EMV unattended,” said Robert Downton, VP of Sales North America at AMP. “They are partners with a deep understanding of both their customers’ expectations, and how to leverage the potential of our technology to deliver a smooth and delightful payment experience for every car wash customer.”

About SwiftPay

SwiftPay is available in three formats, offered as a standalone kiosk and as a retrofit kit for Wash Select II or Goldline units. The retrofit kit provides car wash owners with the opportunity to upgrade their kiosk and modernize operations:

– Replace existing hardware with a simple door replacement and minimal electrical work
– Offer an unlimited program to create a recurring revenue stream
– Implement easy-to-use marketing and loyalty programs
– Provide car wash customers with responsive remote support
– Receive notifications from the kiosk directly to your phone
– Obtain full reports on revenue, car count, etc.

Learn more about SwiftPay at www.swiftpaystation.com

About AMP

Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP) is a global provider of complete payment solutions and POS products built around usability, security, and smart integration options. Equipped with the latest certifications and able to integrate with any platform, AMP delivers tools designed to keep transactions secure and improve the payment experience. Their focus is working with partners to develop targeted solutions that deliver maximum value to the end user, aiming to empower others with their tools, rather than box them in with inflexible off-the-shelf products. From creating smart payment devices to designing entire solutions, AMP works collaboratively to solve customer’s unique payment challenges.

Learn more at www.amobilepayment.com

Washify PR/Marketing Manager
Rina Mandujano

Washify Appoints Gary Rodriguez as Sr. Tech Support Manager

As a result of rapid growth of the Washify customer base, Washify is pleased to announce the addition of Gary Rodriguez to manage Washify’s technical support team in the position of Sr. Tech Support Manager. Gary will oversee the growth and development of Washify’s Technical Support department.

“I love the culture the company has built and the engagement I’ve seen in everyone I talked to since I started. Everybody wants to help each other out, and everyone is extremely focused on enhancing and expanding delivery of Washify’s support through all its channels”said Gary. “the group is dedicated and is equipped with the tools, so the scaling of services to accommodate future growth is all about execution.

“Gary has been an amazing addition to our team. In a short time, he has shown great commitment, willingness to learn from others, paying close attention to details and learning about the industry and our business. His experience in customer service and the skills he has acquired, will contribute tremendously to the success of his position within the company and will continue adding value, not only to his team, but to Washify customers as well”, said Fernando, VP of Customer Support.

“As a result of record growth and the increasing interest from investors looking for a subscription based in investment, Washify has seen a need to further grow its technical support infrastructure and expertise. With the addition of Gary to bolster our technical support scaling and delivery, we will be able to help our current and future customers leverage all our technologies including our car wash specific point of sale system, license plate recognition and pay stations to have even more success”, said Adam Korngold, Founder and CEO.

About Washify

Washify is the most advanced POS system for the car wash industry. Our system was built by a car wash owner for car wash owners. Washify exists to help car wash owners be more successful and delight their customers. Our current offerings include the most advanced pay stations allowing for revenue per lane, our flexible license plate recognition system that feeds data to our marketing tools as well as a host of other new products set to be unveiled before the end of 2020.

For more information, please visit www.washify.com.

Washify PR/Marketing Manager
Rina Mandujano


Washify debuts at #1924 on the list with 219% growth

Boston, Massachusetts – August 12, 2020 – For the first time, Washify Services LLC is recognized on the annual Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America – the only company on this year’s list dedicated to offering services to the car wash industry in the United States.

Washify is a Boston-based company serving the car wash industry with a unique blend of hardware and cloud based software. The founder is also the owner of Waves Car Wash in Boston and a second generation software entrepreneur.

“We are very proud of the growth that Washify has had since its inception. Every day we feel more committed to our clients and to the industry. Having achieved the growth required to be on this prestigious list fills us with pride and validates our innovator status,” said Adam Korngold, CEO of Washify Services.

Washify started out as a simple cloud based software to manage unlimited membership programs for car washes. Soon after gaining a few customers, the request for a full POS system soon came in. After several years of building the software, the Washify car wash point-of-sale platform was introduced to the car wash market and is currently experiencing record growth.

Our point-of-sale platform and flexible car wash pay stations have become increasingly relevant to public health and the reopening of car washes because it empowers our clients to run contactless transactions using license plate recognition. This allows for a completely “windows up” car wash experience, since the car wash is billed to the credit card associated with the car’s license plate. Washify is experiencing accelerated growth in response to demand for its automated solutions. The low contact customer experience provided by Washify’s platform helps put consumers at ease while driving more revenue for car wash owners.

In the past 3 years, with an average growth rate of 73% year over year, Washify has grown in both revenue and skilled personnel. We have expanded our team and it has all been due to the increased demand from our clients, who confirm the need and value of our hardware and software, and who have contributed by spreading the word and acting as ambassadors for our brand.

About Washify
Full Inc 5000 List


Boston, MA, July 31, 2020 — — Washify Services, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Alison Amira to Vice President of Customer Marketing. Alison will be responsible for helping expand Washify’s marketing services to car wash owners.

“We are very excited to have Ali join the team,” said Adam Korngold, founder and CEO of Washify. “Helping car wash owners be successful is the primary reason I founded the company, and helping car wash owners market to their customers is essential to that equation. Ali will bring her deep marketing knowledge to help us scale our marketing machine so that it is completely integrated with our hardware and software offerings.”

“At Washify, we have a tremendous opportunity to help our customers connect with their customers in a more impactful and engaging way,” said Ali. “Whether that’s through email, text, web or app, we have the tools and strategic insight to help business owners do so. We also have incredible potential to build more capabilities into our software, like social, SEO and reputation management. I am excited to join the team and bring all of these areas to life.”

Ali has more than ten years of extensive advertising and marketing services experience. Prior to Washify, she worked for 6 years at an advertising agency where she started as an account executive and moved on to VP Management Supervisor where she learned key foundational skills including organization, prioritization, accountability, responsibility, and collaboration, that she now applies to her work every day. She managed the development of thousands of creative assets and continuously pushed both the agency and clients to think with a consumer-first mindset, solve customer problems (before they even know they have them), and find new and relevant ways for the brand to engage and interact with their audiences. Ali also served as VP of Marketing Services at B.Good, where she oversaw all creative and media channels, working directly with franchisees to develop their business, maintain brand standards, and drive sales.

About Washify

Washify is the most advanced POS system for the car wash industry. Our system was built by a car wash owner for car wash owners. Washify exists to help car wash owners be more successful and delight their customers.

For more information, please visit www.washify.com.

Washify PR/Marketing Manager
Rina Mandujano


Boston, MA, July 23, 2020 — Washify Services, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Hadzipanajotis as Chief Financial Officer. Mike will be responsible for all finance and accounting matters, including treasury management and strategic growth. As a senior member of the executive team Mike will report directly to CEO Adam Korngold.

“We are excited to have Mike join Washify. He complements our strong performance-oriented culture, and we believe his impressive background for execution and achieving results makes him the right choice to lead our finance operations,” said Adam Korngold, Founder and CEO of Washify.

“I am very excited to join the Washify team. I believe the potential for growth and value creation is tremendous, given the smart and passionate people, strong technology, and nationwide footprint. Having played a leadership role in similar businesses and industries, I am confident that we can develop and execute plans to drive consistent growth. I look forward to becoming part of the Washify family and partnering with the team to build the business,” said Mike.

Mike has more than 18 years of extensive accounting and finance experience. Prior to Washify, he served 3 years as CFO at FinTech/ SaaS Company, LeaseQ. In this role, he oversaw several divisions including Finance, Legal, Human Resources, and Business Operations. During that time the company grew revenue, successfully led multiple rounds of funding, and ultimately led the sale of the Company to a leading international Private Equity fund. Mike previously served as Business Finance Manager at Santander, a top 25 Retail Bank in the United States. Prior to that, Mike served as CFO and Controller for several community financial institutions in Massachusetts. Mike is a CPA and holds an MBA from Auburn University and a BS in Accountancy from Bentley University.

Washify Launches Job Board for the Car Wash Industry

Boston, February 19th, 2020 – Washify is excited to announce Car Wash Industry Jobs, a job board designed exclusively for the car wash industry.

“We see it as a way to attract and retain talent within our industry as well as supply companies with a platform that is geared towards candidates that have car wash experience or are looking to get into the industry. To say it another way, the goal of Car Wash Industry Jobs is to help job seekers find great jobs in the car wash space, and help car wash-related businesses find great people.” – Matt D’Souza, VP of Sales, Washify

Who can post on this site? If you are in the car wash industry, you should post your jobs on the site. This is offered as a free service for anyone in the car wash world.

Washify was created to help car wash owners be more successful. We will never be finished. This job board is an altruistic extension of that purpose and broadens our scope to include helping people join, stay and grow within our industry. Even if you are our competitor, you can still post your jobs on our board.

Visit Car Wash Industry Jobs to get started!

Washify Announces Second Annual Customer Conference in Boston

Boston, February 11th, 2020 – Washify is proud to announce its second annual Customer Conference to be held at the Hyatt Regency Downtown in Boston, on April 29th and 30th, 2020.

Space is limited, and registration is now open: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/washify-customer-conference-2020-tickets-87966202279

Washify Unveils Breakthrough POS Technologies To Drive Car Wash Revenues

Nashville, May 1, 2019 – Washify is unveiling a new line of products and enhancements under the Washify X brand. This new product line encompasses hardware and software innovations designed to help car wash owners drive more revenue and enhance their customers’ experience.

Some of the new Washify X products being introduced are:

• X Target Recognition Marketing– A groundbreaking marketing enhancement that enables car wash owners to customize the kiosk screen presentation based on facial recognition, license plate recognition and transaction history associated with that vehicle and driver. Based on this and machine learning, car wash owners can show their customers screens that will resonate with them and convert and upsell them at higher rates than a one-size-fits-all screen flow.

• Car Wash Owner App – The brand new owner app enables the owner to monitor their wash, communicate remotely with customers at their kiosks, submit trouble tickets (with video, text, pictures), set alerts based on preset factors (drawer is short by $5 or car has been on loop for over 3 minutes) and change profiles on their kiosks. This all-encompassing tool also enables staff management so you can communicate and allocate team member time efficiently.

• X Station Kiosk– Washify’s newest kiosk line for tunnels and in-bays incorporates the latest technology at price points that will turn owners’ heads. It is equipped to leverage facial recognition, license plate recognition and seamless integration with the Washify consumer app. And because it runs Washify’s cloud software, it’s always running on the latest version.

• PlateID Recognition – The PlateID program doesn’t just read license plates with speed and accuracy, it also sets the sales person up to effectively upsell by displaying previous transaction history on the POS in real time. Other benefits of PlateID include triggering the display of unused wash books on the kiosk screen automatically and allowing for car wash sites to operate without gates by taking the hassle out of stacking.

“Last year we regrouped after the ICA and created a road map of what we want to provide car wash owners at the ICA in 2019. It took a lot of work but based on the early feedback, we’ve exceeded even our high expectations,” said Adam Korngold, Founder and CEO of Washify. “When you redesign your core products from the ground up to offer a dramatically better platform, it can be a tricky endeavor but, with Washify X, my team has built a system that is unmatched in terms of giving car wash owners flexibility and enabling great customer experiences.”

Washify will be displaying its solutions at the Car Wash Show May 13-15th in Nashville at booth 651.

Washify announces first customer conference

Washify will be hosting its first customer conference in Boston. On April 24th, car wash owners from around the country will gather in downtown Boston for an exclusive first look at Washify’s 2019 product launch. While details are being kept under wraps, customers can expect to see major developments in software and hardware solutions. Powered by Amazon Web Services, Washify plans to build on its modern platform and empower car wash owners to understand their customers like never before. Washify’s new marketing and software updates will improve the point of sale experience and drive more revenue for car washes.

Washify returns to Atlantic City for 29th annual Northeast Regional Carwash Convention

Washify exhibited their cloud solution at the 2018 Northeast Regional Carwash Convention. The team demonstrated a variety of programs on different pieces of hardware.There were live demonstrations of the Washify pay station, POS system, and cloud reporting. Operators were impressed by the custom wrap on the pay station, as well as its modern features.

It was a great opportunity to meet new car wash owners and speak with local customers in person. Washify sponsored a beer garden for the show, built adjacent to the exhibit booth. Attendees gathered around high top tables to network and discuss the industry with other operators.

We look forward to the 2019 exhibition, we have plans to roll out even more updates and hardware offerings next year. – Adam Korngold, CEO & Founder

Washify Presents Latest Solutions for Car Wash Industry

Washify positions itself as industry leader at the ICA’s The Car Wash Show™ 2018 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, April 25th 2018 – Washify, a company with a history of innovation, presents its latest contributions to car wash point-of-sale technology including an upgraded pay station and redesigned admin dashboard.

Attendees line up to learn more about Washify, the industry’s fastest growing POS system. Large touch screens display the newest version of the car wash administrator dashboard which features a modern UX and easy to use reporting. Users can see a real time overview of daily performance and explore the robust functionality of cloud reporting.

The Washify booth showcases pay stations, a POS terminal, as well as EMV equipped credit card readers. Developments on the Washify controller are explained through diagrams and hardware documentation that illustrate its scalability as well as ease of use.

Small crowds huddle around Washify’s pay station to see the bank note recycler in action. Staff interactions with cash are minimized thanks to the BNR’s ability to make change from past transactions. This component positions the pay station as a low maintenance, high volume solution for car wash owners. Current Washify customers are impressed with how much Washify has accomplished and other attendees were excited to get started with the system.

Washify has grown its presence at this show year after year, and 2018 was no exception. The team presented the latest updates from our admin panel, pay station, and controller. It has been great to connect with our customers in person and present our solution to even more car wash owners. I am really proud of what we have built so far and plan to expand on the Washify platform for years to come. – Adam Korngold, CEO & Founder

About Washify

Washify is the most advanced POS system for the car wash industry. Our system was built by a car wash owner for car wash owners. Washify’s system goes beyond transaction handling by offering a suite of automated marketing tools, integration with QuickBooks, advanced remote reporting and much more.
More at www.washify.com, LinkedIn, and Instagram