Washify does the trick, now Magic Wash manages 3000+ unlimited members with ease

Magic Wash operates two express car wash sites in Utah. James Baum, owner of Magic Wash,
installed Washify in July of 2017. After using a legacy system for a few years, he decided to
replace it with something more modern. James evaluated multiple companies within the car
wash industry, and wanted to make sure he was making the right choice for POS.During his research, he knew he wanted software to run an effective unlimited program and he
prioritized simplicity and ease-of-use. James explains, “What I liked most about Washify was the
simplicity, which results in less mistakes. If there is an error, we can refund customers on the
spot.” Washify is a car wash specific solution, so all of the workflows are designed to improve
efficiency in a car wash environment. Included software updates keep the POS running at top
speed and the software constantly improves to reflect operators’ needs.

“We gained 3000 new members for our unlimited program. Customers pull up and ask for the unlimited membership, we sign up 25 new members a day.” – James Baum, Magic Wash

James sees the value of the unlimited model, it brings in recurring revenue for the business, and
customers have quickly become fans of the service. “Running an unlimited program was a big
factor during the decision making process,” says James. Washify allows customers to sign up
online or through the app and empowers users to manage their own vehicle and payment
details, saving car wash owners hours of work each month.

Gift cards and wash books are available for purchase through the Magic Wash ecommerce
enabled website. Washify integrates these sales into the POS system, allowing for quick
redemption and consolidated reporting. With Washify, car wash owners can customize the
template website that is provided or use plugins to easily add the ecommerce tools into their
existing site.

Washify is a cloud based POS system that offers remote access reporting and management, a
feature that helps multi site operators like James. All of the key metrics that owners use on a
daily basis are available in a powerful reporting dashboard. In addition to this, there is anunlimited statistic report that shows program usage and membership growth. James looks
forward to building on an already successful unlimited program while expanding his business.