As a car wash owner, your customers will appreciate the efficiency and convenience of a versatile Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Additionally, your kiosk can display package offers and other promotions to encourage your customers to come back or spend more. 

During peak seasons, your machine can automatically turn promotions off so customers can finish payment transactions faster to keep your line moving. With the right POS system, you’ll better understand what services sell, target customers who are likely to buy and engage them with loyalty rewards.

How Can My POS System Help Me Sell More?

Traditional POS systems were merely stand-alone terminals that took payments and completed orders. Today’s POS solutions do much more, performing diverse tasks, including transferring sales data to other software run by your company and processing credit cards utilizing mobile devices.

Additionally, state-of-the-art POS systems are equipped with customer relationship management (CRM) software features. CRM technology helps your business maintain and sustain customer relationships. A CRM system offers a central site for:

In the days before CRM, precious information like your customers’ service preferences or valuable transactions could be lost or forgotten. Today, CRM helps you leverage customer data and turn it into actionable insight that can transform your bottom line. 

Increase Service Sales by Improving Customer Experience

A highly effective way to boost sales is by focusing on your customers’ wants and needs. For example, if you use a POS system that’s CRM-friendly, your car wash firm can: 

This information helps you better target marketing campaigns and upsell at your point of sale. It also lets you cater offerings to groups of customers or individuals to enhance customer experience.  

How Can I Sell More Services Smarter?

POS systems help car wash owners sell more services and sell them smarter. A CRM-friendly POS system lets you customize products and pricing packages to provide a unique experience tailored for your customers:

Additionally, the technology associated with your POS system data can help you sell more services using:

POS with CRM gives your clients more control over their accounts, translating into happy customers and a healthier bottom line.

Can a POS System Help Me Find and Keep Loyal Customers?

A dynamic POS system lets you target your best customers to keep them coming back. POS systems with CRM capabilities helps you identify your top three customer groups:

An excellent way to keep customers coming back is by combining this data with rewards systems, gift card functionality, and loyalty programs built into your POS system. 

Increase Throughput and Sell More with Stand-Alone Kiosks

Your POS system package will include a fully-branded, stand-alone, self-serve payment kiosk. Here, customers can manage their own transactions and select wash packages and services without leaving their cars.

Pay stations offer automation, require less labor, and give you the ability to run dozens more cars through your wash per hour. Plus, large touchscreen displays allow customers to easily read about and make their wash service selection quickly and confidently. 

Finally, you can feature marketing videos on your pay station screen, which can help you educate your customers on the value of higher-priced packages or add-on services. 

Washify POS Helps You Reach Next-Level Service Sales 

As car wash owners, we’re always looking for ways to promote and sell services beyond a standard wash. With Washify’s POS system using CRM data gathering and license plate recognition (LPR) technology, you can reach customers effortlessly and boost your service sales.

Contact our Washify representatives to learn about our pricing bundles on our POS system, LPR cameras, and stand-alone pay stations. You can also fill out our online form, and a consultant will be in touch with you soon!

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