Digital Marketing

Washify is proud to offer digital marketing service so you can focus on your wash. This new addition to our team will work with you in a consultative way to understand your wash, your market and your goals. Then they’ll create an assessment and customize a plan for helping you reach those goals.

Enhance Your Web Presence

Website Displays
As part of working with Washify, we provide a professional website that looks good on any device and is proven to convert visitors into customers.

If you want to expand the content or extend it’s capabilities our Digital Marketing Manager is here to assist you. It’s also fully ecommerce capable

Customer Reviews

Email wrap and Thumbs up
Let us help you gather positive online reviews and fix any customer satisfaction issues before they ever become public.

With our marketing tools we can set it up so you collect positive reviews, fix customer problems before they get out of hand and showcase the best ones to build trust with your client base.

Special Offers

Email Cover Display
Your customers will respond if the message is right and the presentation is appealing.

Washify can help you develop and idea, create the design and copy as well as distribute it and track the business impact.
To learn more about what our Digital Marketing Managers can do for your wash, call us today.