SMS Text Marketing Case Study

What’s the fastest way for a car wash to market to their customers?

SMS Texts have a 98% open rate and most are read within 3 seconds! That means that texting is the fastest way to connect with your customers when they are outside of your car wash. Unlike other marketing tactics, users have to follow a double opt-in process to receive marketing messages from brands. That may feel like a lot of hoops to jump to get customers into your text database. But, that also means that the customers who enroll into your text service are highly engaged and actively wanting to receive messages from your brand.

So how could Waves Car Wash get customers  to enroll into their SMS
We set up an opt-in offer campaign to sweeten the deal and grow the database. Using Washify’s SMS templates, our campaign consisted of one email and one organic social media post for Facebook.
By using email and social, we allowed customers to opt-in through a Waves branded Landing Page, ensuring that the enrollment
process would only take seconds.


  • 100 enrollments in 24 hours
  • Growing database of customers who can now receive automated marketing messages to upsell to washbooks and Unlimited Memberships!

We further capitalize on clients’ connection to their phones through our point of sale terminal management system for car washes. The latest POS terminal allows customers to pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay through contactless payment technology.