Email Marketing Case Study

How does email marketing help increase sales for a Car Wash?

In the Fall of 2020, Waves Car Wash washed roughly 500 cars per day. With a total of over 3,500 washes per week, we knew there was an opportunity to market to these customers, especially during holiday/promotional time periods. But which channel would make the most sense? As marketers, we know focusing the messaging per channel is important. We never want to overwhelm the customer with too many messages and too many options for how to engage with the brand. At Waves, we prioritized email marketing. By including an email sign up screen on the Kiosk and having a Kiosk attendant facilitate sales, Waves has gained thousands of email subscribers.

But, getting people to join the list is only half the battle. How did we take that list of subscribers and convert them into sales?

• We ensured that our communication cadence was appropriate, only contacting customers with strong messages and content at appropriate times.

• Through Washify’s Premium Email Service, we utilized the Black Friday template to ensure the email was visually engaging.

• We developed a hard hitting offer to compete with all the other Black Friday promotions happening in the retail space. The offer was built to result in both immediate purchases and repeat visits. → Offer: 60% Off 5 Extreme Washes

• Used an eye catching email subject: WAVES Black Friday Gift Card Blowout!

By integrating some of our other devices, you can take your business to the next level. Our state-of-the-art car wash point-of-sale hardware allows owners the option to personalize certain features. For example, you can set your unit to offer discounts presented to clients through email marketing.