Controller Integration

Depending on the manufacturer and age of your car wash controller, your sentiments will range from thinking it’s a state-of-the-art piece of hardware or a simple workhorse from another time.

Washify works with a wide range of controllers using different integration methods.

If you’re looking for more information, we recently did a write up that takes a deeper dive into the inter-dependencies of your car wash controller, the car wash tunnel equipment and your car wash POS.

Now when they schedule a service, customers will receive automated reminders via email and text. If they need to change their appointment, our system makes it super easy through the web so they don’t need to make a call. This lowers your broken appointment rate and gives your customers the style interaction they’ve come to expect.

If you are looking to upgrade your business, consider implementing our car wash point-of-sale terminal. The model was designed to make payment easier for customers. Catering to modern needs, the POS terminal accepts cards with EMV chip, cards with a magnetic stripe, online payments, contactless payments, and it turns your phone into a POS terminal.


Give us a call and we can discuss actual examples of integrations that are similar to yours.