Controller Integration

Depending on the type and age of your car wash controller, your sentiments will range from thinking it’s a state-of-the-art piece of hardware or a simple workhorse from another time.

In either case, Washify provides several options when it comes to integrating with your car wash controller. First, we are proud to offer a bundled controller option for those without a controller or looking to replace their current one.

The second option is for us to integrate with your current controller. We integrate with most controllers from major brands such as Belanger, DATATRAX, DRB, Guardian, ICS, Micrologic, Oasis, Navigator, Sonny’s/CompuWash, Tunnel Master, Tunnel Master Jr., WashTEC rTC, Washlink and more.

Give us a call and we can discuss actual examples of integrations that are similar to yours.

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Allows remote monitoring from anywhere on any device

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Can monitor multiple sites from anywhere

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Seamless integration with the Washify revenue management system

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